Shite Shifting Central

Shite Shifting Central

Shite shifting central is ongoing around the castle, as we continue to do whatever it is we do.

For the now we’re tweaking our podcasting environment.

For sure the boys are close at hand with their positive vibes, providing the necessary quality control that helps us casually get things sorted @ daft o’clock in the morning.

Sorting Out The Wires

Barkin random orders and getting involved in everything we do, which in my head, is a damn good thing and a given in our house.

Shite Shifting Central

Green Manure On The Plot

Like we both know we do. We rambled on about how we like the way the green manure (White Mustard) is growing down on the plot.

New Acorn In My Head

Would you believe, whilst shite shifting central is happening in the castle, with the boys. A new acorn is also growin in our head, regarding a brand new winter project of things to do in the backyard of the castle.

Tweaks A given for the now.

Franky Check Out Moving The Backyard Greenhouse

In the meantime, we’re on a roll with daffs for colour at the base of our fruit trees in the castle garden and plots, sometime whenever next year.

Castle Garden Daffodils

Just so we don’t forget here are a few random links round our www space, we sorta touched on whilst random rambling on our Shite Shifting Podcast.

Travel Safe

Salford at Night

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