Setting up Sigil to Self Publish Me Ebook

Setting up Sigil to Self Publish an EbookCan’t believe that we’re in the process of setting up sigil to self publish me ebook.  Well to be fair that’s the long term plan of things to do.  Off course there’s only one reason for sure!  Because it’s There and It Sounds Like A Plan….

Setting up Sigil to Self Publish an EbookNow that’s all the catch phrasery / broken biscuits whatever out the way for the now. Hopefully this shouldn’t be the longest post in the world, then again who knows what will happen when we get going?

Anyways in a nutshell, all I’m trying to figure out for the now are the various settings and whatever stuff that we’ll be using in some semblance of order that makes sorta sense to meself.

Whether we end up using ’em long term isn’t really the point of the exercise and neither are we going to worry about any sort of content at all.

What we’re looking at is creating ourselves a template that works for the now, which allows us to replicate whatever as and when.  A Guerrilla House style for all future ebooks created for self publishing the invisible book and beyond?

So that be the acorn of the idea, ignore the content for the now and yes we both know some say that’s king!  No stress for the now, ’tis my castle and we’ll go with the flow for sure.

Question is right now as there’s nothing sorted, where do we start and does it matter if we do whatever in any particular order?

Forgetting the order for tha now, we’ll work on that as time flies by but for the now we’re just going to go with things as questions pop up.  Eventually we’ll achieve some kind of working idea, what’s that fancy term, in house Guerrilla style, ready to be used at any given time?

Sounds like a plan for the now does that :)

Off the cuff questions in no  particular order:

  1. What font should we use
  2. What size should the font be
  3. Where and how to use bold / italic
  4. h1 – h6 where, when and why to use ’em
  5. How best to set up the h1 – h6 titles
  6. What image size to use for the cover / front / back / inside etc
  7. Video size & format to use for best performance / that works
  8. Sharing audio / mp3 / podcasts, can we & how to
  9. Which audio format works .ogg / mp3 / others
  10. What pages are required as a given
  11. Where to share and upload the e-book when finished
  12. Off course it’s only a template
  13. Can that template be uploaded first and updated later
  14. Can we really publish it ourselves
  15. Formats required to enable this
  16. Where to start first and why

Setting up Sigil to Self Publish an Ebook

Setting up Sigil to Self Publish an EbookFor the now that’s way to much to be going on with and for sure you’ll probably have more questions to add for yourself like why bother and whats the point?

See Just Because … for more!

So keeping it simple, the first thing is the cover image and we’ll come back to the rest later.

So your a graphic artist and you’ve hand crafted and created a fancy design for yourself or your like me in this context?  Just looking at getting the right dimensions to setup a Guerrilla in house style and not so worried about the image itself for the now.

We’ll be using our very own Home Grown Lancashire Rose for the testing process.

The original size of the photo is  1024px x 768px

Like I said before, don’t get too hung up on the image right now.  This is an exercise in getting the size / pixels / dimensions right for Sigil.  That’s the important thing in me head and your design skills will come in handy later, when we know what’s what and the principle sorta works ish?

Single Mothers – Baby

So what size are we looking at for the cover of our in house Guerrilla e-book?  Not a clue but ‘ere goes for the now!

Guerrilla in House Style Ebook Cover Test Things to keep in mind!

  • Original photo: 1024px x 768px
  • Resolution +300ppi if printing
  • Sigil jpg size ish: 1800px x 2700px

Guerrilla ebook Sigil test size

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