Self Publishing The Invisible Book Publishing The Invisible Book sounds like an oxymoron for yours truly. Yet to be honest it’s an acorn of an idea that’s been growing in me head for time.  Some say there’s no time like the present to try something new, so I thought we’d have a look see at the principles involved and have a go at Self Publishing The Invisible Book!

Memo to Self: We’re not talking about writing the next big whatever!

What’s important for the now is getting me head round the various principles, applications and practicalities involved, whilst using Ubuntu to create an e-book for yours truly.  How to do whatever and then share it wherever?  That’s the driving goal.

A desire and determination to have a go.  Just Because It’s There and it Sounds Like A Plan  …

Desire,  Determination,  Personal Motivation &  Self Improvement – See more at:

Sigil EPub EditorPersonal motivation & self improvement full stop and to be fair in my humble opinion, that’s as a good a reason as any to have a go.

So for the now this is simply an exercise at working through the principles and using whatever I’ve got available at this moment in time!

You may have visited more than a few online tech missionaries preaching a variety of principles and methods that may cost thee an arm and a leg over time and that’s fair play!  Suppose the end result all depends on how deep thy pockets are at any given time?Scribus Desk Top Publishing

So throwing caution to the wind, I thought its high time that we had a go and have a look see at what can happen with an acorn of an idea and a budget of time.

How far can one really go with an acorn of an idea?

It’s weird really when your start adding handles and categories to something, how often the voices in your head tell you that your having a laugh….

You an author!  Never in a month of Sunday’s.

gedit text editorMemo to Self: Ignore those demons.

We’re talking about the principles here.  Not about writing the next best whatever.  It’s so not a competition about being better than anyone else at all.

You may have heard me say this before?

If time is all you’ve got then anything is possible!

So the question still remains ….

How do you go about doing what you need to do, when you haven’t a clue where’s best to create whatever?

No Worries, time to have look see into the general future.

Using the following open source resources:

I’m off to work through the principles for the now and who knows what will happen next?

Patience and persistence be tha key for yours truly.

So now we’ve got more than a few applications picked out, software that’s freely available to everyone and that my good friend is massive.  Lets see if we can achieve our goal of creating an e-book sometime whenever.  Just Because …

No barriers ….

The Ugly Facade – D-Day

Once you’ve got your head round how to do whatever, why not just let your own personal desire and determination take you on your journey into future new unknowns and whatevers?

Wherever you may go on your journey, be sure to do one thing : Be True to Thyself and Never Give Up!

Yours truly has a new acorn of an idea: Self Publishing The Invisible Book?

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Desire, Determination, Personal Motivation & Self Improvement