RIP Lou Love and Stuff Me

RIP Lou Love and Stuff Me

Lou passed away a couple of weeks ago and so many tears have been shed since by yours truly. A massive hole there be in my heart and a gigantic void in the castle.

Time for sure is the key and who knows what the future holds…

RIP Lou Love and Stuff Me

The girls have been with me for time in various guises: Cassie, Savannah & Lou.

Cassie : The 1st of the GangStrange thing is that years back it wasn’t a conscious decision to own a dog at all. I was quite literally adopted by Cassie. She was a stray helping herself to scraps from a bin outside a pub I worked in in town, so she could survive on the streets of Manchester.

Cassie relaxingSeveral phone calls later to the police, RSPCA and other animal shelters in the area suggested that if I took her to them she would be destroyed immediately and that wasn’t an option in my humble opinion.

Snoring awayCassie came home with me right there and then and a fantastic lifelong bond was formed with a wonderful, family friendly breed, that has rocked my world and lasted for the best part of 20 years or so.So Not Funny at All!

A Rottweiler most definitely is a faithful, playful and fun loving companion, most of all a best friend for life for sure.  Some suggested that I’m a fool and for sure I’ve been called worse over time, however, finding a friend for life when your not really looking is a unique special gift for sure.Playing in the Salford Snow

The girls have really loved attention, playing, being out and about and have never been a bother to family at all. Overtime i’ve found most, if any problems are in the heads of others thanks to newspaper stories of muppet owners whom abuse, neglect and disrespect the breed.Out & About on the moss in Salford

Savannah was another girl in need of TLC and what more could i say … Bring it on, more affection required from a friend in need i’d love some of that.  Confidence in abundance, soft, good natured for sure and once again a fantastic friend and of course a beltin’ Mother.

Sounds Like A PlanLou’s rocked my world for over a decade. In the first few weeks she struggled at first being the runt of the litter, get your head round that :) and yet soon learned how to get one over on the other 5 pups when it was time for something to eat.Sav's Family

Anway’s this is my way of slowly moving forward into future unknowns by saying A Massive Thank You to The Girls for so much laughter, fun and entertainment.  Nice One for keeping a smile on me face over the years.

Sav with her pupsNot to mention the love, enjoyment and affection for being their through life’s roller-coaster of emotions. Thanks for keeping me sane, if that is at all possible or achievable?

Sorted & Pups in the yardCheers for helping so much over the years work out whatever during the Broken Biscuits thought shower walks and helping so much with Cyphreinc PodcastsPuppy Love & of course Devildogs where we started a lifelong learning online curve together a long time ago.

You really have rocked my world.

Miss being told it’s 7 o’clock in the evening and time for tea and those walks out and about the country side of Salford in all weathers.

Lou's Treat

Forever in my Heart & Soul Thy Be

Sorted & Cheers from a Sad MeLove and Stuff Me

RIP Lou Love and Stuff Me

Travel Safe

Sav & Lou
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