Research and Development in Salford

Research and Development in Salford

Research and Development in Salford was on the cards the other day with Mikey and Me.

Off we toddled round Clifton Country Park in Salford, with an imaginary aim / objective / whatever rattling round me head to test out our new and second hand gadgets whilst we can?

Treats in the bag for me little friend just in case and off we went.

Me & Me ShadowKnowing full well that we’re more than likely going to crash and burn on our first outdoor attempt at trying out a long standing thought process?

Not to worry for the now!

Clifton Country Park SalfordOne more self learning curve step has been achieved in our bubble of self.

No negative vibes are buzzing round at all and we both know that just because the thought process is right, the timing might be wrong?

Swans on Clifton Marina

On the positive side, t’is a gorgeous, though chilly day.

Mikey & Me out and about in the country side in Salford.

On our random ramblings.

Guerrilla Podcasts Research and Development in Salford

Kingfisher Lodge in Salford

Nine ArchesUnfortunately we didn’t get to see any kingfishers round Kingfisher Lodge.

But we did find time to have a game of pooh sticks and that’s always a good thing to do on a sunny day.

Upwards and OnwardsMuddy boots and a wet dog a given, as we travel the park talkin’ drivel to ourselves.

Thinking out loud, rambling along, upwards and onwards on our journey together into future unknowns.

No rush for me & me little friend, enjoying each others company whilst we get our heads round our very first R&D in Salford.

We may have hit a brick wall today and to be honest, that’s hunky dory with us and the best way we know to do what we do!

Another day, another new discovery, as Mikey & Me follow the signs to the back of beyond, on a blue sky day.

Travel Safe

Research and Development in Salford

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