R&D in Manchester

Research and Development in ManchesterR&D in Manchester, down Oxford Road, a week or so ago, doin’ what we’re comfortable doing!  Going with the flow, with no set agenda at all.  Taking another step up that there self learning curve of discovery into the unknown.

This time, I thought we’d take our newly acquired gadget on a test drive on R&D in Manchester. Hopefully have look see and listen to the evenings Choons and checkout whatever’s happening down Oxford Road.

You know how it goes by now!

Just Because ….

So following on from Broken Biscuits II : Midnight Ramblin’ with Lou with more than a few new questions / ideas on how to move our thought process forward:

  • What will the quality of the sound be like?
  • Can you hear me mother?
  • Have you really got the bottle to chat to randoms?
  • Will the music drown out any conversations?
  • Does the thought process work?
  • Will the mp3 created play on mobile trackers?
  • Stop doubting…  Go with the flow and see what happens!

Off Course you know what it’s like when you have an acorn of an idea!  So many questions and what ifs etc …  How do you get thy head round moving forward with your thought process and what will the end results be like?

Adrian at Guerrilla Podcasts R&D in Manchester.


Do Yourself a favour, jump in and have a go for yourself! You just might be surprised at what you can achieve with an acorn.

Adrian at Guerrilla Podcasts Chat with The Robbie Boyd Band

Adrian at Guerrilla Podcasts chats to The Robbie Boyd Band outside The Thirsty Scholar in Manchester

Who knows what the future holds?  At the end of the day :  No Stress & No Worries.

Thank You & Travel Safe

Be Yourself & Never Give Up Doin’ What You Do!

One or two links from the R&D in Manchester:

The Thirsty Scholar

The Salisbury

  • Raw Power

Grand Central

Sorted and Cheers for thy continued support wherever thy maybe.

Nice One for thy Time.

~ Inabit ~

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