Repotting Our Whatevers

Repotting Our Whatevers

Repotting Our whatevers with the boys, chillin in the castle yard in the middle of April. 16th April 2022 if truth be known.

Not that it really matters at the end of the day, our audio recordings so didn’t happen. That said, we do what do and casually as we like, move on.

A random no worries kind day in me head #growingwiththeflow as we set to repotting our whatevers we didn’t actually think would see the light of day.

Free Recycled Bell Peppers Ready for repotting (16th April 2022)

Repotting Our Whatevers

First things first, make sure the boys are sorted.

The Boys Take Life As It Comes. Just Chillin Is All

Repotting our bell peppers grown from free seeds, recycled from store bought peppers.

Potting On Our Home Grown Bell Peppers In The Castle Yard

Still chillin, Sames as it ever was in the castle yard with the boys.

Zedzzzzzzzzzzzz R Us in the Castle Yard

Quality control a given and we both know me big fella is only after the beer.

'Ave A Drink On Me

Marigolds potted on in what we could afford compost @ any given time.

Marigolds Repotted, Just Because...

Memo To Self : Random Links

Tulips and Dafs on the grow in our small castle garden.

7th Bed Test Hooped For The Now

Travel Safe

Maybe sometime whenever, we’ll catch up with our diy casts.

Patience and Time is all. No Stress, No Worries and No Pressure

Bloomin 'eck in Our Small Castle Garden (16th April 2022)

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