Recycling Central Ongoing in Me Castle

Recycling Central Ongoing in Me Castle

Recycling central ongoing in me castle. There’s work in progress in me head whilst we’re just getting round to taking units down in the kitchen. Or should that be more chaos in progress with me & me little friend?

Either way, it amounts to the same thing. Mikey & Me keeping a personal record for ourselves at the beginning of February, whilst we do what we do for no other reason than?

Just Becasue ….

Recycling Central chaos in progressWe’re on a roll, crash, banging & walloping as we go.  Trying to dismantle kitchen units so that we can recycle ’em as bedding boxes in the greenhouse?

Getting ready to sow more than a few new seeds for this years home grown.

Seeds sownMaybe you know how it goes?

An acorn of an idea was all!

Emptying Me Greenhouse kick started us off and as with all good ideas in the castle.  That sounds like a plan ….

Recycling CentralEnough Said!

No set plan of attack, just a thought process of growing a little more veg this year than we did last year.

Hopefully using the greenhouse a little more productively than before?

Recycling CentralMaybe you know how it goes by now! One more small step forward on our home grown learning curve!

At the same time giving ourselves a kick to one day in the future, get round to tweaking more than a few gremlins created in our castle?

Guerrilla Podcasts Recycling Central Ongoing in Me Castle

Gales on the wayRight now as the gales blow and the clouds close in, we’re on a quick tidy up or is that shifting shite from one spot to the other in our backyard before the rain falls down for the umpteenth day in a row in Salford.

See SawDevastation created inside the castle is a given.  Not to worry ’bout the mess.

We’re buzzing along in our very own bubble of self, figurin’ out what’s what?

Recycling Central Ongoing in Me Castle with the kitchen units we’ve just taken off the wall, getting ready to reuse the carcasses as bedding boxes in the greenhouse.

Will it work or will it fail?

To be honest, that’s so not a stress for the now!

The principle works in me head and that’s good enough for the two us.

Getting ready to set too #growingwiththeflow early in the year as we try again on our self sufficiency journey in me back yard for another year.

Recycling Central Ongoing in Me Castle

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