Produce Of My Environment

Produce Of My Environment

The day started off with a simple concept in my head.

Have a brew, go for walk the boys and eventually we’ll end up on the plot.

A random chilled day, that so sounded like a plan.

Beds on our 1st plot

Peace & tranquility was the order of the day for me and the boys down on the plot. Pretending to ourselves, for no other reason than Just Because …

That we actually know what we’re doing.

Produce Of My Environment

White Mustard

To cut a long story short, seems like our franky is a weather warning system and when the clouds darken, he’s not for staying too long outside on the plot.

So off we trotted, homeward bound. Leaving the plot behind for half an hour or so, to take the boys home.

Beds on our 2nd plot

Only to return, with caffeine and White Mustard green manure seeds to be broadcast / sown on the beds sometime whenever we’re good to grow in the next few hours.

Beds prepared for sowing green manure

Our imaginary to-do list was sorted in my head for the now.

Sow a little more green manure (White Mustard) on our 1st plot.

Green Manure (White Mustard) broadcast on our beds on our 1st plot

Pick & taste a few apples

Apples picked

Pick and clear the corn.

Corn picked

Enough Said

Pears picked

Job Done with a little help from our friends.

Random friends hopped by for a look see

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