Potting On Green Tings

Potting On Green Tings

Potting On Green Tings in the castle yard with the boys on a sunny ish Sunday in the early days of spring this side of the coil.

Transplanting Cauliflowers, Courgettes, Kale and Sweetcorn. Casually as we like #growingwiththeflow in our own head space. Just Because…

Patience and time, is all we need chillin’ with the boys in Salford.

The Boys Givin It Plenty Of Zedzzzzzzzz Whilst Pottin On Green Tings

Potting On Green Tings

Thirsty work on a sunny day in the castle yard watering whatever.

Positive Vibes From Me Little Fella

Quality control a given from me big fella, watching the green tings grow.

Quality Control A Given From Me Big Fella

On a random radiator, since 13th March, green tings ready for potting on.

Seedlings Sorted and Ready For Potting On

Real casual like. Removing our sweetcorn seedlings ready for potting on.

Sweetcorn Ready For Potting On

Now that we’ve potted on our green tings / seedlings. Thought we’d leave well enough alone in the Salford sunshine during the day.

Seedlings Potted On In The Sunshine Of Our Castle Yard House

Memo To Self : Random Links

Whilst it’s still a tad cold this neck of the woods. Night time be the right time to play musical seedlings for the next couple of weeks or so.

Musical Seedlings For The Next Few Weeks

Travel Safe

Sweetcorn sown in the castle yard. Will place on a random radiator for time.

Sweetcorn Sown In The Castle Yard 20th March 2022


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