Pondering and Wandering with Mikey

Pondering and Wandering with Mikey

Out and about the other week at daft o’clock pondering and wandering with Mikey about future unknowns?  Random rambling to ourself on how best to do what we do and get our heads round updating our skillset for no other reason than just because …

We’ve been busy Installing Ubuntu on a new machine with no actual operating system at all. Seemed like a good way for us to to start this year?  Clean install from scratch without any of the rubbish one gets when purchasing a new machine.

Installing Ubuntu

So it seemed like a sensible idea for us to disappear out in the rain and go pondering and wandering with Mikey whilst we throw a few ideas up in the air!

More than a few updates, tweaks and new apps came falling down with the rain.

So we’re trying to keep track of what we do on Black Eyed Admin to remind ourselves of when / how you do whatever?

As we both know?

Nothing is set in stone whilst we do what we do!

Guerrilla Podcasts Pondering and Wandering with Mikey.

You know who making himself well and truly at home in our castle.

Let's Play collapses Your being watched

Under A Banner – English Soul


Ubuntu System Settings Tweaks

Seems like we’re backtrackin’ a little whilst random rambling to ourselves and to be honest that’s fair enough!

We’re sorted for the now with Ubuntu System Settings Tweaks following the well worn path of listening to more than a few peoples tips and tricks.


It’s a skill that we’re learning and that’s how it’s done, listen then try it out!  Make your 101 mistakes and rewind?

Listen again and try it out again and repeat until that penny drops?Ubuntu System Settings Tweaks

Time is all, if all goes pete tong, we’re able to check back and re-evaluate our thought process and start all over.

Learning from experience where we may have gone a stray.

We’ve also started exploring the Ubuntu Software Centre again.

Having a look see at the various categories for the apps and software available for us to try out?

Wherever possible we’ll install whatever we want to try out from with the ubuntu software centre as that will allow us, should we so wish to remove any apps that don’t do what we thought they did.

In the future as and when we do add new apps from alternative locations, we’ll try and keep track of the sites used and just maybe keep a personal record of the reason why we used whatever?

At the same time keeping track of how we installed anything using the terminal we’ll also try and keep a heads up of how to uninstall should we so wish?

Pondering and Wandering with Mikey

We both know, Desire,  Determination, Personal Motivation & Self Improvement are the driving goals for learning anything?

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Desire, Determination, Personal Motivation & Self Improvement