Planting Tomatoes In The Tunnel

Planting Tomatoes In The Tunnel

Seemed like a plan in me head to do what we do #growingwiththeflow.

Casually as we like on a random walkabout with the boys, we end up down on the plot, in their chill out space.

Planting tomatoes in the tunnel is the order of the day.

Tomatoes Ready To Be Planted

Moneymaker and Yellow Pear tomatoes, sown in January and grown on the castle windowsill.

Time seemed right to plant ’em deep in the tunnel and move on.

Toms Ready To Be Transplanted In The Tunnel

Planting Tomatoes In The Tunnel

Decided to plant our tom’s in two rows each side of the tunnel.

Setting Our Our Toms In The Tunnel

Row of seven at the back, ish 12 inches apart, works for us.

Tomatoes Spaced ish 12 Inches Apart

Same as it ever was. Dig a hole and plant a seed.

Dig a Hole For The Toms

First of our tomatoes planted in the tunnel. Job done, move on.

First Tomato Planted In The Tunnel

First row of seven tomatoes sorted for this year.

First Row Of Tomato Planted In The Tunnel

For the now we’ll leave well enough alone.

Tomatoes Planted In The Tunnel

Memo To Self : Random Memory Bump Links

We both know zedzzzz r us is a given with the boys down on the plot. As we continue to do, whatever it is we do, planting tomatoes in the tunnel.

Zedzzz R Us Down On The Plot

Travel Safe

The Boys Chillin

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