Planting Out Sweetcorn

Planting Out Sweetcorn

For sure we should know better? Tweaks in progress, sometime whenever.

Somewhere on the bright side of me head. We’re ish ignoring the fact, that we happen to be planting out sweetcorn, mad early this neck of the woods.

So not stressin’ the mess in me head right now. Whilst me & me little fella, do what we do down on our plot in Salford way back on the 22nd April 2022.

Chillin’ is the aim of the day #growingwiththeflow on our 5th bed, near the boys space. Away from the noise in the castle, peckin’ me little fellas head.

Learn To Chill Is The Way To Grow With Me Little Fella

Planting Out Sweetcorn

Away we grow, with sweetcorn on our 5th bed without borders on our plot.

For sure we both know we should wait a month or so. Not to worry, random testing this side of the coil, for our future ungrowns is all.

Same As It Ever Was In Me Head? Dig a Hole and Plant A Seed

Job ish done & maybe sorted for time. Planting out sweetcorn in April 2022.

Planting Out Sweetcorn At The Backend Of April 2022

Blink and we’re on a roll planting out sweetcorn on our 5th bed without borders.

Sorted For The Now Planting Out Sweetcorn 22nd April 2022

Patience and time is all we got. Zedzzzzzz R Us a given with me little fella.

Me Little Fella Knows How We Grow. Learn To Chill

Rescued and replanted our rhubarb in a free recycled tub.

New Beginnings For Rhubarb On Our Plot

Leave Well Enough Alone for time and move On.

Same A It Ever Was In Me Head? Leave Well Enough Alone For Time

Memo To Self : Random Links

Beds without borders on the grow for time with spuds, onions, beans and peas.

Beds Without Borders Sorted For Time On Our Plot In Salford

Travel Safe

Not that it really matters from inside me head. We both know you know more.

Work in progress, sowing more sweetcorn for our future ungrowns on our plot.

More Sweetcorn Seeds Sown In The Catle Yard 22nd April 2022

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