Planting Garlic On The Plot

Planting Garlic On The Plot

Planting Garlic On The Plot on a chilly, blue sky, sunshiny kinda day in Salford.

A little bit of me time for me and the boss, as we dropped down the allotment. To have a look see at planting garlic on the plot, for the first time ever in Winter.

Watchin the watcher do what he does chillin down on the plot

Planting Garlic On The Plot

Whilst we got our heads round the whatevers of actually sorting out our imaginary to-do list for the day. My mate Mikey kept himself busy as, for a while anyways.

My mate mikey just doin what he does

First things first, let’s state the obvious. For sure it looks a bit too cold to be planting garlic right now.

Garlic to be planted on the 5th bed of our 2nd plot

Not to worry and never a stress in me head. We’ve got the quality control covered from my project manager. He’s watching everything we’re doin & the soil really isn’t frozen at all.

Quality control sorted from me project manager

Garlic cloves sorted, 31 pieces ready to sow and we’re good to grow. Now we both know you may do things differently & that floats me boat does that.

Garlic Cloves Sorted

Thought we’d plant our garlic in rows of five spaced ish 6 inches apart. Whilst the rows were ish spaced 10 inches to a foot apart.

(Think we said 10cm for the row spacing’s, when we both know we meant ish 10 inches. Not to worry, verbal typo was all. Sorry ’bout that).

Garlic ready to be planted in rows of five

Planted the garlic just deep enough, so we don’t completely bury ’em.

Garlic planting in progress

That’s good enough for us, our first garlic clove planted. Time to move on.

Garlic tip showing above the ground

As it happens. We’ve had a dalek bin of leaves, composting away for the last few years. Sorta worked in my head, to use those leaves as a mulch to cover the garlic and maybe even protect the cloves from the birds for the now.

Works in my head does that and yes we do know you’ll say whatever. Don’t stress the small stuff, it works for us and that’s all we need to grow.

Composted leaves used as a mulch to cover our garlic

Casually as we like, composted leaves spread over our newly planted garlic.

Composted leaves covering our newly planted garlic

Just a quick rake and water and we’re good to grow in my head.

Composted leaves raked and waterd

Travel Safe

Job Done, Garlic Planting On The Plot Sorted

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