Planting Asparagus Seeds

Planting Asparagus Seeds

Sounds like a plan in me head to keep a record of what we’ve been doin’ whilst pottering around in the backyard of me castle planting asparagus seeds in the middle of august 2015.  Figuring out what works for us #growingwiththeflow slowly but surely, growing something new planting asparagus seeds in a small greenhouse sure sounds like a plan does that?

Daft as it may sound, in me head it’s supposed to be pretty easy to grow stuff / seeds in a greenhouse!

Massive learning curve for sure over the last year or so remembering to water the seeds, keep track of whatever we’ve planted and eventually getting used to leaving the greenhouse door wide open and see what actually happens over time?

Home Grown Kale in me backyardMikey mopping the hallwayWe’ve been eating our home grown kale for time now.

For sure it’s a given that Mikey’s well happy giving it plenty of zed’s wherever he wants when the sun eventually shines in the NorthWest.

To be honest, we did try asparagus earlier this year.  The first few weeks went really well, though it seemed that we didn’t give the seedlings enough water as the temperature rose in the greenhouse.

At the end of the day, most of the seeds we tried growing did pretty well, though when the warm weather eventually arrived and the temperature rose in the greenhouse, trick was getting me head round watering whatever was growing a little more in the heat of the greenhouse?

Home made bain marie / water bath using recycled plastic containers

Asparagus Trays August 2015

Planting Asparagus Seeds.

Asparagus, Beetroot & Little Gem Lettuce sown in recycled containers

Seeds Planted

Seems like we didn’t water our growing asparagus spears enough earlier in the year, though at the time we thought we we’re doing the right thing.  Moving forward after past failures is a good idea in whatever unknown direction our our diy quest for self sufficiency in Salford takes us.

A bain marie or should that be water bath sure sounds like a plan in me head for the now!

Beetroot seeds ready for bathAsparagus growing in the sun Casually we’re moving forward with our positive vibe and new thought process.

Using recycled plastic containers, we’ve got ourselves a couple of home made water baths or bain marie’s for the now.

As autumn arrives, we’ll keep an eye on what’s happening and for sure as the temperature drops, we’ll most likely reduce the amount of water in the water bath and close the greenhouse door a little more!  Time is all that’s required to discover if our home made recycled water baths have worked for us?

Well Hung Heart – Throw It All Away

Beetroot in the GreenhouseAnything is possible and nothing is off limits if you just have a go!

We both know that success & failure are opposite friends of the same coin and both are a positive vibe in our world.  Yin and Yang in our state of mind, as we move forward doin’ whatever it is we do at any given time?

Some say you can’t have everything you want, life doesn’t work like that Contemplating The Meaning of Change Part 3.

So in the next week or so, we’ll have a look see at what’s happening since we’ve been planting asparagus seeds and keep an eye on the beetroot and little gem lettuce planted at the same time.

Of course we both know autumn will quickly turn into winter so why even bother?  Mikey Sleeping in the yardMikey just chillin'Well to be fair we can sorta see that point of view!

Though the seasons ain’t what they used to be a lifetime ago.

We’ll just grow with the flow for the now, planting asparagus seeds Just Because…

Planting Asparagus Seeds

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