Anthony Wilkinson chat in Eccles

Anthony Wilkinson chat in EcclesAnthony Wilkinson chat in Eccles on a Friday night at the back end of November.  It just so happened that i dropped into The Duke of York in Eccles, Salford for a scoop or two and a look, see & listen to what’s on with the Live Jam Nights.

What more can i say!

Just Because ….

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R&D in Manchester

Research and Development in ManchesterR&D in Manchester, down Oxford Road, a week or so ago, doin’ what we’re comfortable doing!  Going with the flow, with no set agenda at all.  Taking another step up that there self learning curve of discovery into the unknown.

This time, I thought we’d take our newly acquired gadget on a test drive on R&D in Manchester. Hopefully have look see and listen to the evenings Choons and checkout whatever’s happening down Oxford Road.

You know how it goes by now!

Just Because ….

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Broken Biscuits II : Midnight Ramblin’ with Lou

Broken Biscuits II Midnight Ramblin with LouTesting, Testing, Testing, 1 4 0 8 …. Can You Hear Me Mother?

Just for the record, maybe we’ll both get our heads round the fact that the following podcast may not make much sense in your world!  Then again what do i know?  Should you happen to be one of the few on my wave length, you’ll have gathered by now yours truly is in the process of figuring out more than a few new ways of going with the flow and doin’ what we do!

Just Because It Sounds Like A Plan ….

So what’s what for the now, as Me and Lou continue our quest, discovering something new on our journey, casually up that there steep self learning curve with A Positive Can Do Approach?

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Tweaking The Tracks of the Home Grown Journal pdf

Tweaking The Tracks of the Home Grown Journal pdfJust been Tweaking The Tracks of the Home Grown Journal pdf recently.  Whilst the worms are doing what they do in the backyard, me and Lou have landed back in the castle, chillin’ for the now after a bit of wonder in the woods in Salford.

Not to worry for the now, of course you’re busy doin’ what you do?  Thought I’d just drop by and let you know that I’ve changed my thought process on one or two things for the LibreOffice spreadsheet for the New Home Grown Journal over the last few days.

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Back on Track with the Home Grown Journal

back on track with the Home Grown JournalGetting back on track with the Home Grown Journal has taken a week or so whilst I’ve been getting me head round how best to move forward following the demise of the mac.

Seems like moving forward and creating new memories as Lou and I fall into autumn is the way to go as we’ve been out and about collecting leaves for the worm bin.

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