Named Ranges

Named Ranges

Adding Named Ranges to our Spreadsheet Index sheet. The named ranges, should eventually help us, when we start creating our new totals, spending and growing sheets, within our free LibreOffice spreadsheet.

Thought we’d share our DIY whatevers created for our spreadsheet.

Adding named ranges to our index sheet. Starting with column A, our seed family and moving along column by column adding our new named ranges.

DIY Spreadsheet Index Columns

Named Ranges

Define a new named range for our DIY Growing spreadsheet. Selected our column A contents first, then from the tabs at the top, clicked on Sheet > Named Ranges and Expressions > define.

Define Named Range and Expression

Rinse and repeat, defining named ranges for the contents of each column.

Asteraceae Column B Named Range

Blink and we’re on a roll. Click Define, for a new named range and manage, to tweak a created range.

Enter or Manage Named Ranges

Working with latin family names, to help us with our future crop rotations down on the plots (e.g below for column B, enter name Brassicaceae).

Name New Named Range

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Manage Named Ranges

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