Murphy’s Law With The Boys

Murphys Law With The Boys

By now, we probably both know that Murphy’s Law with the boys is really a given in the castle. Whatever the time be in me head, could be stupid o’clock or probably even daft o’clock. Best laid plans all but sorted.

Accept the unexpected and add a couple more hours to our imaginary #growingwiththeflow time line of when to get things finished.

Tick box of things todo tonight, Floor mopped. Sorted

Murphy’s Law With The Boys

Extension lead required, thanks to me big fellas liking for random wires.

Extension lead added to tidy the floor one last time

On a roll and ish ready to paint the dining room / conference room floor.

Good to grow with the dining room floor

Casually like, we’re on a roll painting the 1st coat on the dining room floor.

At last, we've eventally made a start painting the dining room floor

Little by little, board by board and still no paw prints, Give it time!

So far, so good, not a paw print in sight

The end is in sight, with our daft o’clock floor painting.

All but sorted with our daft o'clock floor painting in the castle

Job done, move on. Conference room / dinning room 1st coat sorted.

hat's the 1st coat sorted on the dining room / conference room floor

Memo To Self : Random Links

Quality control a given from me little fella prior to painting the 1st coat.

Me little fella just chillin as we got ready to paint the floor

Travel Safe

Leaving me big fella alone in his own head space after our visit to the vets.

Me big fella relaxing after our visit to the vets earlier in the day

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