Mikey and Me Onion Planting

Mikey and Me Onion Planting
Mikey and Me onion planting on the 6th January 2015.  Of course some say it’s way to early and you know they won’t?  What do I know the onions that we’re planted on the 1st November 2014 seem to be doing all right so why not #growwiththeflow and have a look see at what’ll happen in four months time.

What d’ya mean you don’t know who Mikey is?

Mikey helping out with the Home Grown backyardMikey gets stuck into home grown weeding right away Mikey happens to be a 4 month old Staffie cross who seemed to like the idea of coming home with with yours truly on Friday just gone from Manchester Dogs Home.

Say hello to my little friend for sure sounds like a plan as Mikey and Me Planting onions in our backyard get to know one another slowly but surely.

We both know patience & perseverance be tha key when it comes to new beginnings for two new friends. A Given That Be!

Mikey and Me Onion Planting in me backyard in Salford

So not taken Mikey long to figure out what’s what in tha backyard and provide himself with open access to the greenhouse.

May still be early days as Mikey figures out opening the greenhouse - Enough Said

Mikey and Me Onion Planting

Seems like Mikey me little friend in need of a new home from @manchdogs has settled in damn well with yours truly.

Peas growing in the greenhouseBlack Roses growing from seed in me greenhouse Bringing his own brand of puppy chaos, cuteness and companionship to yours truly growing with the flow in me backyard in Salford.

Carrots for the now are the treats of choice for Mikey as we both get our heads round getting to to know one another.

Never give up be tha key as Mikey and Me do what we do with a new life together and casually journey into tha unknown?

Mikey Just Chillin'

Primal Scream – Movin’ On Up

Mikey and Me Onion planting be the beginning of new adventures into unknown whatever’s, wherever.  Just Because …

Travel Safe

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