Me Strawberries ain’t Strawberries

Me Strawberries ain't Strawberries

Me Strawberries ain’t Strawberries at all so I’ve just found out!  A nugget of news discovered by pure fluke earlier this morning after a google search.

Home Grown Roses The search in itself came out of the blue to be fair as i’d spent the last few days sorting out me chilli peppers and tomatoes in the back yard #growingwiththeflow, with no quality control to keep me in check.

Just pottering around in the yard really with no set plan of attack in mind.   Chillin’ in the Salford sun with a brew, collecting home grown spuds and broad beans for me tea with a little bit of weeding as we go thrown in for good measure.

Anyways thought I’d have a look see how the wild strawberries we’re coming along in their new home?  Spreading like wild flower for sure they were and so the hunt for fruit was on mmmmmmmHome Grown Broadbeans

No luck on the fruit side.

Not even the beginnings of a strawberry in sight, not happy.

I must admit I thought that after last years rain put paid to me having home grown strawberries, this year, with the sun and a new space I thought we’d have a little more luck.  So I dropped online and searched for “wild strawberry plants grow but no fruit” and low and behold the solution to the lack of fruit appeared in front of me glasses……..

Home Grown SweetpeasBomb Shell News : “Strawberries simply do not have yellow flowers.

Who’d a thought it.  Nice One

There’s me thinking this is the second year with no fruit and for sure I was wondering what if anything I was doing wrong?  Not a clue to be honest. Home Grown SpudsThough I put down last year to being so wet and I hoped this year would be better especially due to the fact that they we’re growing really well.

So no home grown Salford strawberries for yours truly this year and I suppose now it’s time to pull ’em up and start from scratch with an empty home grown bedding box.

Wonder what will replace ’em.  No worries for the now.  Better late than never I suppose, though I did so believe that they were wild strawberries …

Home Grown in the Backyard

Just goes to show you can teach an old dog new tricks once in a while

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