Just Another Podcast

Just Another Podcast

Mikey & Me went out and about on a sunny day in Salford for just another podcast. Random ramblings, whilst out and about getting lost on the moss, Just Because …

No set agenda, just another podcast talkin’ broken biscuits to meself figurin’ out whatevers in me head for future unknowns?

Just Lookin'
Look where we're going
Green & pleasant land

Let's Get Lost

Just Another Podcast

Chattin’ to ourselves enjoying the setting sun in Salford instead of bouncing ideas of me castle wall.

Getting lost on the moss, throwing ideas up in the air, wondering what’s what with our newly acquired domains Acorn Publishing Company & Independent Podcast Producers.

To bootstrap or not, wordpress or what?

Collaboration, co-operation & DIY future unknowns.

The Moss
Sunny Salford meadows
Blue Skies over Salford

Guerrilla Podcasts Just Another Podcast

Mikey wearing his newly recycled collar

At the end of the day, the most important thing is to enjoy the experience of the first few days of summer in Salford whilst out and about with me friend just #growingwiththeflow.

How hard can that be?

Figurin’ out a few new unknowns we’ve got in our heads and positively enjoying our diy self learning curve we’re journeying on.

Never giving up pushing our penny a tad further up our curve.

Mikey enjoying the Salford sun
Mikey checks out the view
Mikey takes point

Guerrilla Podcasts – Creating Just Another Podcast

Seems like springs turned into summer over the last few days in Salford. Mother Nature is doing what she does and for the now Mikey and Me are enjoyin’ the peace and tranquillity out and about sotin’ out just another podcast.

The undergrowth growing
Butterflies on the moss
Triffids on the way

At least Mikey knows where to go

Who doesn't like a drink in the sun

Mikey at a crossroads of paths
Mikey checks out the quality of the grass
Mikey enjoying being himself

Do yourself a flavour.

Enjoy getting thyself lost once in a while

Travel Safe

~ Inabit ~

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