It Is What It Is

It Is What It Is

It Is What It Is in the castle. Sorta sounded like a plan in me head for time.

A given, me and the boys are creating chaos in the castle once again. Casually as we like tweakin our DIY 5th life journey. Just Because…

Stating the obvious is all. When creating the audio for your podcast, choose a suitable environment. Reduce the possibility of any and all echos and drink beer whilst you’re DIY doin whatever ’tis you do.

Sanding The Walls Is All

It Is What It Is

At the end of the day, we both know, it ain’t the end of the world. For sure our audio in this particular episode, could have been improved on from the very start and if truth be known, we do know better. No Stress & No Worries.

Forgot where we put our recorder and so didn’t want to bring a pc & mic into the room, for obvious reasons. That left us with our cheap as chips recorder and the rest is history. Move On.

View From The Other Side of Our Box Room

Almost finished sanding the walls of our box room in the castle.

Stripped the room of wallpaper a while back and ish cleaning the walls is all. Will get round to painting, sometime whenever we’ve got the finances to do so in the distant future. Life … No Rush

Sanding Our Walls After Strippin Off The Wallpaper

Memo To Self : Random Links

That’s our room stripped, sanded & cleaned. Patience and Time is all we got.

Room Stripped Sometime Whenever

Travel Safe

Zedzzzzzzzzzzzz R Us.

Zedzzzzzzzzzzzz R Us

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