If I Had a Brain I’d Be Dangerous

If I Had A Brain I'd Be Dangerous

Another day and another castle floor to paint. Sorta seemed like a plan in me head time back, to do what we do. Just Because…

Patience and time is all no matter whatever ’tis we do #growingwiththeflow in me head, on any given day.

First tings first. Take the conference table / dining room table apart. Turns out, that’s easier said than done. If I had a brain I’d be dangerous.

Move On

Ready to drop our conference table, balancing on whicker chair & cd rack

If I Had A Brain I’d Be Dangerous

Casually as we like, drop the conference table onto our 4 supporting chairs.

Kick the chair out the way first and drop one side of the table

Rinse and repeat in me head and we’re on a roll droppin the table.

Moved the cd rack and we're on a roll moving the conference table

All but sorted, just need to drop the table, safely down onto the floor.

Little by little, in me head, we're sorta gettin' somewhere on me Jack Jones

Out of sight, out of mind. That’s the conference table shifted for time.

Enough said, that's the back of the table ready to paint the floor

Travel Safe

Quality control sorted with me little fella. No stress and no worries.

Never a stress with me little fella, chillin' listenin to random Choon Creators


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