Home Grown Spreadsheet

Home Grown Spreadsheet

One or two of you already know that we recently shared our home grown spreadsheet thought process on twitter the other week. In me head, patience was the key whilst wondering who’d get back, if anyone at all?

Would you believe we’ve tweaked, updated & uploaded our home grown spreadsheet for the now and who know’s what your future thoughts are?

Eat Your Greens

Time’s a wonderful thing inside me castle.

Every now & then it flies by.

Sometimes it drags like there’s no tomorrow.

Other times all you have to do is … Blink and it’s gone.

For the moment, our home grown castle food bank has been trashed.

Pointing in Progress

Home Grown Spreadsheet

Not to worry for the now, me and me little friend will continue to do whatever it is that we do, keeping our heads above water, on our ongoing quest to figure out what, why and when with our home grown.

We both know Rescue Dogs Rock?

Make mine a double

Just maybe you’ll remember, at the back end of February “efficiency and progress is ours once more …” as we expanded our diy, home grown food bank and Self Sufficiency in Salford was on the grow.

So we’re good to go for the now, whilst tha dudes that can, do whatever they need to do on me castle walls.

Men at Work

Experience has taught us not to trust a ladder climber in a suit.

Spreading untruths, misrepresenting the facts and disrupting your inner karma, all in the name of self importance to achieve their personal goals.

Mikey’s curiosity and quality control is a must in my book, when it comes to our home grown food bank improvements.

Ladder climber in the making

A link or two from the Home Grown Spreadsheet podcast:

Nice One to Dave & Ian from Grind and Point for doin what you do.

Pointing in Progress

Life’s changing and me and Mikey are on a rollercoaster of unkowns and crossroads to wherever.

New beginnings in progress

Don’t matter if we turn left, right or go straight ahead, backwards ain’t an option and that’s a given.

Purple podded peas on our new garden obilisks

Travel Safe


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