Harvesting Our Home Grown Asparagus

Harvesting Our Home Grown Asparagus

Casually as they like, the boys were lettin’ me know it’s time to do one and go walkabout and that’s something we just can’t ignore in the castle.

Before we knew it, on a random damp day in Salford, me boys were chillin’ in their own space, down on the allotment. Just Because …

No audio device to hand, just a recycled camera for company as we dropped by the plots to have a look see at what’s what #growingwiththeflow.

Love it when the boys make themselves well comfortable, in their very own chill out space whilst we’re harvesting our home grown asparagus.

Are We Sitting Comfortably

Like we said earlier in me head, thought we’d just have a look see at the progress of our Asparagus on the grow on our 1st plot.

Direct Sown Peas Appearing

Grown from seed on the 17th August 2015. Our Asparagus are just over 3 years old. Seems like our DIY #homegrownfoodbank is on a roll for this year.

Direct Sown Peas Appearing

Personally decide to cut our first ever Asparagus on the plot between ish half an inch to an inch above the ground.

Cutting Our 1st Ever Asparagus On the Plot

Sorta made sense in me head is all, could be wrong, could be right. Does it really matter at the end of the day, job done, move on.

Our 1st Ever Asparagus Sorted & Cut Down On Our Plot

Three and a bit years later, we’ve eventually picked our first ever Asparagus grown on our 1st plot in Salford and the floats me boat does that.

Asparagus Harvested From Down on the Plot

By now, we both know that quality control from me boys is a vital part of everything we do. Enough Said in me head.

Asparagus Quality Control A Given

Whilst we’re down on the plot, may as well have a look see @ whatever else is ish growing at the back end of April.

Time For A Look See @ Whatever

Time is all with the Garlic we planted on the 5th bed mid January.

Garlic On The Grow

Spuds R Us, ish for the now. Patience a given, we both know that already.

Spuds On The Grow

Our transplanted and direct sown peas seem to be comin’ along quite nicely in our DIY wigwams on the 1st bed of our 2nd plot.

Peas On The Grow

A few weeks later, after a false start in me head, our beans are on the grow.

Beans On The Grow

Enough said for the now, as whatever grows tickety boo in our 6 wigwams.

Wigwams On The Grow On Our 2nd Plot

The boys know how we grow. Dig a hole & plant a seed, job done, move on.

Job Done Move On

Memo To Self : Random Memory Bump Links

At the end of the day. T’is what it always is with our garlic, onions, spuds and random green things ish growing on our plots for the now.

The Boys Doin' What They Do Down On The Plot

No Stress & No Worries at all. Just chillin’ with the boys down on the plot.

Travel Safe

The Boys Doin' What They Do Down On The Plot


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