Guerrilla Tweaks in Progress in Me Head

Guerrilla Tweaks in Progress in me Head

Guerrilla tweaks in progress in me head, for no apparent reason than just because…

A long time ago in a different life, before we even got our heads round our ongoing self-learning curve using Ubuntu, never mind understanding what’s what with open source software or apps?

Self Publishing The Invisible BookWe’d bought into tha marketin’ dudes blurb that their shiny new gadget works right out of tha box and invested our brass and spent plenty of time figurin’ out why in our heads.  Eventually, somewhere along the line, a penny dropped.

We downloaded the pages template, to create whatever e-books be rattling round in our head?  Then, for reasons best known to whomever, signed up to a store and became our very own independent self-publisher with the ability to share our self created masterpiece everywhere.

Just Because …

Now your an independent publisher, enjoyin’ doing what you do.  Making heaps of brass in thy own head from thy masterpiece(s), sharing thy content everywhere on social whatever, Twitter, G+, iTunes, Google Books, Amazon etc to build thy empire of self.  Sorting Sigil Guerrilla Styl

For sure you’re thinking you’ve cracked that there affiliate marketing principle in thy own head and buzz words central are flowing everywhere in thy mind.

As time flies by at a rate of knots, our gadget from tha box gives up the ghost and dies. Time to start from scratch in our heads, working on a budget of desire & determination, with a can do approach to life.

How do you do what you do on a budget of desire, determination, personal motivation & self improvement?

Guerrilla Tweaks in Progress in Me Head

Never give up doin’ what you do in your head, we both know we’ll make our mistakes along the way.  So we’re free to do whatever, moving forward with a massive dose of that there positive can do vibe we revisit Self Publishing The Invisible Book and Sorting Sigil Guerrilla Style to kick start our new thought process.

Guerrilla tweaks in progress in me head as we have a look see at figuring out how best to share Guerrilla Podcast’s posts, podcasts, videos and images via an e-book created using Sigil.

The Baltic States – Rattling Bones Live at 100 Club, London

Just starin’ at me new Sigil setup for the now.

Blank Sigil page

Guerrilla Tweaks in Progress in me Head

27th June updates


Sigil 0.8.7 Update Released

Yours truly updated Sigil via Ubuntu terminial:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:i2p.packages/i2p
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install sigil


Thought we’d continue to use this ‘ere post as a test for our future unknowns for the now, as we casually move forward on our self-learning journey using Sigil to do what we do?  For sure there’s detailed info and more articulate explanations that you can search for yourself, somewhere out there in t’internet and you could even spend a few bob along the way should you so wish.

Remember, This is so not an how to guide or an exercise to say what you should or shouldn’t do.  ‘Tis more a self reminder of what we did (ish), when yours truly eventually gets round to doing whatever’s in me head at any given time for turning our blog posts into an e-book / epub purely for memories sake.

We’re not even going to try to discuss the pro’s & cons of the various self-publishing platforms out there or the many different formats available.  To be honest what do we know anyways!  For the now, all we want to do is dive in feet first, start from scratch and see how things turn out in time?

First things first, today we updated our version of Sigil.

We’ve ummm’d & rrrr’d for time in our head, ’bout what the dimensions of our cover image should be?

Some say this, whilst others say that, eventually we’ve decided to go with a width of 1600px and a height: 2400px for the now & we’ll see what happens with that over the next few weeks / months.

Guerrilla Tweaks in Progress in me Head : initial e-book cover size 1600px x 2400px


30th June updates

Pondering The Imponderables

Guerrilla Tweaks in Progress in me Head : Pondering The Imponderables

Pondering The Imponderables out & about with Mikey

Pondering the Imponderables out & about on the moss with Mikey being clocked by Mr Wiley Fox, whilst we figure out whetever’s rattling round me head today?


1st July updates

Creating Our First Test Doc’s

Over the last few day’s we’ve been ummin’ & rrrrrin’ about gettin’ our heads round various image sizes, rather than actually testing anything on-line in our chosen formats?

Time well spent in me head that’s been, though just maybe, it’s high time we tweaked our thought process for the now and start making our first of many formatting mistakes, by sharing on-line, as we go through the process of exporting a Sigil document into an e-pub / e-book file & create a pdf document.

Time to eventually drop a couple of examples for us to check out what’s what, whilst we do what we do!

We’ll be using free, open source software, Sigil and Calibre to create our files on Ubuntu.  For the now, the thought process is to create both an e-pub and pdf version of our files.  Initially we’ll create our book using Sigil and then import it into Calibre to check all is well?

Just for the record.  We are aware that Sigil does not export as a pdf file.

So we’re going to need to tweak the setting / preference of calibre to convert to pdf.  For sure we’ll need to get our heads round our desired settings in the future, but for the now that’s not a stress as we’ll get our heads round that in time.

E-book & PDF links to follow in time.

Guerrilla Podcasts e-pub / e-book
Guerrilla Podcasts e-pub / e-book
Guerrilla Podcasts pdf


7th July updates

Tic Toc 4 o’clock

Guerrilla Tweaks in Progress in me Head : Pondering The Imponderables

Tic Toc 4 o’clock

Tic Toc 4 o’clock!  Mikey’s woke me up, with a crash, bang and a wallop at stupid o’clock in the morning.  Trying to encourage me to take him out an a ramble wherever.  When he discovers, that he’s out of luck on that one, back to kip he goes leaving us with a brew in the yard listen to a new day dawning figurin’ out what’s what?


10th July updates

Making The Possible Impossible

Guerrilla Tweaks in Progress in me Head : Making The Possible Impossible

Making The Possible Impossible

Making The Possible Impossible? Mikey’s positive vibe works wonders for yours truly. That there never give up attitude’s infectious, as we do what we do, moving casually forward with our e-pub!

Me, Meself & Mikey, still testing making the possible impossible Just Because …

Thought we’d share our testing whilst we’re growing with the flow for the now?
(like we said just testing is all so we can see our css style changes over time
Nothing to see! Missing cover & more so not to worry for the now.)

pdf file

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Desire, Determination, Personal Motivation & Self Improvement