Guerrilla Podcasts Meets Garden Needs

Guerrilla Podcasts visits Garden Needs, a small,  peaceful garden centre located on the edge of Kersal Dale (Nature Reserve on the River Irwell) in Salford to have a chat with Project Manager Simon McCloskey to find out a little more about the Garden Centre,  the activities available and how you can get involved in your local community garden centre.

Simon chats with Adrian and lets you know how you can get involved in the various activities available at Garden Needs in Salford.  Activities such as woodland management in Kersal Dale to improve access to the woods and help the wildlife quality in the area,  creating herbal gardens,  growing vegetables and horticultural training sessions within the garden centre itself.

During the chat Simon talks about the future of Garden Needs and the proposed creation of a new community cafe area,  a new training room with improved training facilities and a space to hold social events to help Garden Needs,  being a social enterprise business whose objectives are primarily social,  whose profits are reinvested back into the garden centre with no financial commitments to shareholders or owners,  to invest in the garden centre to make Garden Needs as efficient and effective as possible.

Guerrilla Podcasts Meets Garden Needs

Garden Needs is a friendly,  supportive environment for you to come down and get involved in a wide range of activities that are available.  A space that you can feel passionate about,  in a nice quiet tranquil area of Salford.

If your interested in chilling out in a quite corner of the garden centre then drop by and find out more about Garden Needs,  a local community social enterprise garden centre on the edge of Kersal Dale in Salford.

Maybe you like the idea of helping to create a Japanese garden area or fancy the idea of creating your own herbal garden or maybe even help with the plot for the new cafe?

So why not do what you do and drop by Garden Needs to find out more about what’s what and when. You never know,  maybe you have some ideas of your own that you fancy trying out for yourself?

Garden Needs

Radford Street (off Bury New Road)


M7 4NT

Telephone: 0161 792 5448


Nice One for dropping by Guerrilla Podcasts and listening to Simon chat about Garden Needs.  Don’t forget springs all but round the corner,  so if your looking to get involved in something new and fancy learning a few new skills along the way then why not give Garden Needs a bell.  Ask for Simon or Karen and find out how you can get involved in Salford’s greenest garden centre.

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