Guerrilla Podcasts Make Do and Mend

Guerrilla Podcasts Make Do and Mend is most definitely the way things are going at the moment as Me & Lou make a start on growing our own veg for another year and so our home grown learning curve continues.

Last year our home made plant pots worked a treat, guerrilla podcasts home grown plant pots vegetables.  So it seemd like a plan to do the same this year.  The snow arrived a month earlier this year allowing us time to sort out one or two new home grown ideas.

First on the list of things to do was to sort out a couple of trenches for the potatoes.

Digging the trenches for the potatoes

Lou keeps an eye on the progress so far

Under the ever watchful eye of Lou. We prepared a couple of trenches for our first crop of potatoes (Arran Pilot Potatoes) for 2013.

Some say i should rotate what i grow! Some may say no worries?

As you know i’m jumping in with both feet and seeing how whatever grows for another year and as before i thought i’d just add a few images for memories sake of what we’ve been up to over the last few days.

Guerrilla Podcasts Home Made Greenhouse

Guerrilla Podcasts Seeds PlantedI thought i’d recycle an old set of shelves and start using some of the space in the backyard to start growing one or two seeds!

As i happened to have some bubble wrap hanging around from last year it seemed like a plan to create a makeshift greenhouse in the backyard.

Right now i’ve gotta say that i’m not 100% sure if it will do the trick, but there’s only one way to find out and to be fair it’s provided lots of space to store seeds whilst they hopefully do what they do?

Upturning an old plastic container and drilling holes in the bottom seemed like another idea for using an impromptu growing area for seeds for the now.  Time will tell on that one as i set about making a bedding box for the back yard.

Guerrilla Podcasts Make Do and Mend Bedding Box Cover Guerrilla Podcasts Make Do and Mend Bedding Box

Guerrilla Podcasts Bedding Box

The hanging baskets for the strawberries are still in place and more than a few of the strawberries survived the wet weather and snow and who knows maybe this year will be more successful?

Guerrilla Podcasts Home Grown Strawberries

Who knows what the future holds?

Sown Between 17th ~ 20th February 2013

              • Arran Pilot Potatoes
              • Broad Beans (The Sutton dwarf)
              • Cabbage
              • Chillies
              • Peppers
              • Tomatoes
              • Salad Leaves

Lambs Lettuce Favour
Land Cress
Mustard Oriental Red

** Sown 27th February 2013 **

              • Broccoli ~ Purple Sprouting
              • Parsnip
              • Sweetcorn

Guerrilla Podcasts Bedding Box

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