Guerrilla Podcasts Home Grown Compost

Here’s just a quick reminder for you as you asked so nicely about Guerrilla Podcasts blog category ‘Home Grown‘.  Home Grown is my way of keeping a record of the weekly, fortnightly or whatever activities i’ve been up to with regards to the idea of growing me own vegetables and who know’s possibly one or two herbs for the first time ever, with the long term aim of feeding myself from my front garden and maybe even me back yard later on in the year.

As you already know from the earlier post ‘Home Grown Plant Pots for Vegetables‘, i’m a complete novice full stop and this year is a massive new learning curve that i’ve embarked on and as such nice one for dropping by and sharing your thoughts.

Guerrilla Podcasts Home Grown Compost

Here’s a video to show you what i’ve been doing with regards to making me own compost for next year with a little more help from guess who?

Whilst i’ve been trying to sort out this, that and t’other to enable me to record what i’m doing for Guerrilla Podcasts sound and vision, you know how it goes?  Inevitably you’ll lose a few things along the way as you work on getting thy head round the technology.  I thought i’d saved whatever video on the hard drive unfortunately me disc was full and ooohhpppss, no video but i’d recorded the sound separately, i thought i’d use that recording above  as a reminder not to delete originals …..

Memo to Self: Do Not Delete ‘ought, without knowing it be working first, enough said!

The spin off bonus i suppose is that i now have the acorn of an idea for another category of posts for Guerrilla Podcasts, where i may be able to show you what i did to try and sort whatever?  Ok maybe not, but you never know with acorns!

Many thanks for dropping by for the now, whilst i’m at the beginning of this ‘ere massive personal learning curve.  Next time i’ll be finding out more about propagation, (whatever that is?) multiplying plants, so the oracle for the next few weeks says and whatever else is involved that can help me in my quest to grow me own home grown veg.

You just never know, you may just like the idea and get involved and do it for thyself?

~ Inabit ~
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