Guerrilla Podcasts Home Grown Bedding Boxes

Guerrilla Podcasts Home Grown Bedding Boxes are on the way and just maybe one or two of thee had an inkling that things may go a little Pete Tong with that there Make Do and Mend post a while back? With the benefit of hindsight! It could’ve / should’ve been in that there list of things to do, to secure tha old set of bubble wrapped shelves to the wall?

Maybe it was on the list of things to get round too rather than things to do?

Anyways, mother nature did what she did and blew the b’jesus out of Salford a couple of weeks back and what more can i say?

She certainly pissed on my parade as me seeds went west.  That means yours truly lost most of the veg seeds planted in the last month or so and has to start from scratch!

So out of adversity or should i say going with the flow and as the dude said “i’ve got a plan“.  I thought i’d dismantle said shelves and create one or two Guerrilla Podcasts Home Grown Bedding Boxes and just maybe start a whole new process with what i’ve got on the go on the various window sills indoors.

Never Give up!  Just keep on goin’ with the flow and so whilst i’m trying to rescue what little i can from the seeds on the backyard floor, which to be honest isn’t a great deal. I thought as i’m going to have to start from scratch, I may as well have a slight change in thought process at the same time.

Whilst the bubble wrapped shelves were on the floor and all seemed lost for a while. A eureka moment arrived. Take the shelves apart, make bedding boxes for the backyard!

The woods free, all it’ll take is time and like i said before “If time is all you’ve got then anything is possible” and at the end of the day we’re just at the start of May.

So i had a chat with me girl and we spent an hour playing ball in the backyard figuring out what’s what? Where i can do whatever and how to get me head round movin’ forward.

Guerrilla Podcasts Home Grown Bedding Boxes from Guerrilla Podcasts on Vimeo.

Sorted!  Hopefully the end result should provide more than a few new ways to grow whatever?  Strange how things work out and probably that’s the best way? Do what you do, feel proud as punch when you get everything sorted and when tha shite hits the fan, adapt and move forward :) Never Give up, Full Stop.

As always Me & Lou can chill in the yard and do what we do in the Salford sun, whilst the veg and fruit bloom? (No Worries, only time will tell on that one)

Just for the record, I may just change tha soil in the hanging baskets for the Home Grown Strawberries in the next few weeks or so.

Just Because It Sounds Like A Plan …

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