Guerrilla Podcasts chats to Artist Kev Munday

Kev Munday Live Street Art

Guerrilla Podcasts chats to artist Kev Munday

Adrian at Guerrilla Podcasts chats to artist Kev Munday at The Salutation Hotel in Manchester.  Kev Munday was invited up from London (Hampshire) as guest artist for the evening to paint a mural live, during the 1st Projector Series (live street art) hosted by the Blank Media Collective (BMC), at The Salutation Hotel, Manchester.

Whilst Kev Munday was taking time out surveying his mural, I asked if he was up for a chat, about how he came to be involved in the evening at The Salutation organised by Blank Media Collective.

Guerrilla Podcasts chats to artist Kev Munday

He told me a member of the BMC liked his work, had bought one of his prints and they invited him up to take part in the 1st Projector Series launched on 26th July at The Salutation Hotel,

Kev Munday Mural at The Salutation Hotel, Manchester.

Kev Munday Mural at The Salutation Hotel, Manchester. Kev Munday describes his work as “very illustration based and very graphic.”

It’s not Graffiti ~ But it’s with a spray can
It’s not Fine Art ~ But it’s on canvass
It’s not Graphic Design ~ But I do some stuff on a computer

Kev Munday Doing What He DoesKev Munday creates a lot of murals, prints and canvases and tries to get to see as many different parts of the world as he can, creating his unique art everywhere he goes.

He suggested that a pub garden is not somewhere that you would normally be able to see art being created and he’s more than happy to do what he does in as many different places as possible.

So should you be able to provide him with a crowd and sort out the travel expenses at the same time, then just maybe the man could quite possibly turn up in your neck of the woods, some time in the future.Kev Munday Mural in Progress

As you listen to our brief conversation, Kev Munday tells me more about what he has planed for 2013 and how difficult things were when he first started exhibiting his work in art galleries.

So whilst he was up North for the day, from his home town in Farnborough, Hampshire. Kev let me know a few of his plans for the future : Kev Munday Shows

Blank Media Collective Projector Series

He suggested that many of the people that are into his work, don’t go in to galleries that much.  So he’ll be hosting pop up exhibitions in locations in London, in shops that have been closed down for a while.

“Rather than exhibit in proper art galleries, I’ll have an exhibition in a random shop and have a pop up exhibition.”The Salutation Hotel, Manchester.

As last orders calls it time for a beer and you can find out more on what’s going on with Kev Munday, the Blank Media Collective and the Salutation Hotel from the links below.

Exile Parade – Hello Blue

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