Guerrilla Podcasts Chats to Olympic Torch Relay Runner Emma Smith

So i’m busy doing what i do, volunteering down at Garden Needs in Salford, having a brew whilst flicking through the latest copy of the Salford M3 Magazine and in walks Emma Smith the Service Director of Social Adventures in Salford as she prepares to get ready to lead a group of people into and around Kersal Dale to have a look see at what they may find to eat, growing in the area.

Anyway’s, as i was flicking through the magazine, i came across an article on Emma featured in issue 6 of Salford M3 due to the fact that she is going to take part in the Olympic Torch Relay for the London Olympics 2012 on Saturday 23rd June 2012 at 13:14 (ish)

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You know how it is about coincidences?  Sometimes the sun shines and today just happened to be one of those days.  I had a laptop and Emma just happened to have a few minutes to spare whilst she was waiting for people to arrive for their forage round the dale. So i asked if we could have a chat about how she managed to get involved in the Olympic Torch Relay 2012. Enough Said!

Guerrilla Podcasts Chats to Olympic Torch Relay Runner Emma Smith

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Emma will be carrying the Olympic Flame through Reedsholme on Saturday 23rd June at 13:14 (ish). You can read Emma’s Nomination Story via

Gunnera Plant (Giant Rhubarb)
Gunnera Plant (Giant Rhubarb)

Early on in our chat, you’ll find out how Emma’s light bulb moment enabled her to change career from waste management creating “fabulous compost” and change direction as she “always wanted to be excited about her job when she woke up in the morning” and was lucky enough to get involved with The Angel Centre on Chapel Street in Salford.

Angel Centre

As you listen to the podcast, you’ll find out more about how Garden Needs in Salford has changed over the last two and half years and how it is currently run as a partnership between Social Adventures (New Name for The Angel Centre) and Mind in Salford.

I discovered that you’re able to drop in to Social Adventures at almost anytime, find out more about the social prescribing scheme available, whereby you can arrange to have a chat with either Lorraine or Julie and get support and inspiration on how you can get help to make changes in your life!

Whilst Emma and I were chatting about how she got to be involved in the Olympic Torch Relay, she casually dropped into the conversation that she & a chap called Geoff happened to have cycled to London in two and half days with a patchwork blanket created by volunteers from The Angel Centre that will be used to help fill a football pitch or Olympic venue as part of an awareness campaign for the charity Bliss (UK charity working to provide the best possible care and support for all premature and sick babies and their families).

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Emma is very much hands on in her approach in her role as Service Director at Social Adventures and continued to tell me that she has her uniform / track suit sorted for the Olympic Torch Relay

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As I suggested earlier Emma arrived at Garden Needs well prepared and ready to disappear into tha Salford wilderness, foraging for herbs, plants and whatever else edible they may find in Kersal Dale country park that most definitely would be unknown to yours truly.  So whilst she was waiting for everyone to arrive, i was able to continue or chat about how in a couple of days on Saturday 23rd June 2012 she’s doing her bit on the Olympic Torch Relay 2012 in Reedsholme at 13:14 (ish).

Swiss Lips – Danz

So that there Olympic Relay uniform is sorted!  Albeit a little snug, the family & friends are most likely on their way by now and hopefully the weather will be kind for all concerned on tha day?

300 metres is the distance that’ll be covered on Saturday, and just maybe the chant should start reet now, loud n clear, possibly sound something like: …..

    • We Want Emma’s torch
    • We Want Emma’s torch
    • We Want Emma’s
    • We Want Emma’s
    • We Want Emma’s torch

      Repeat Lots ……….

      Loud & Clear :)

Anyways, the scene is set for Emma to do what she does on Saturday 23rd June at 13:14 (ish) and would you believe it she says she’ll be careful not burn any fingers as she passes on the torch to the next person ready for the lighting of the Olympic Flame in a couple of weeks time and continue her love of working within and for the community and  continue doing what she does.

The Salford Angels WI will be out in force to support Emma whilst she does the distance.  You know damn well that there’ll be lots of local cameras etc and no doubt there’ll be plenty of cakes to be had eventually.

The Salford Angels WI started in November 2011 and should you be up for getting involved, you can get yourself down to Social Adventures and get involved.  “It’s Amazing Really and people just join in, lets make cakes :)”

Finishing up our off the cuff, impromptu Salford conversation as the planned walk starting from Garden Needs round Kersal Dale was imminent. Emma shared the necessary www’s for Social Adventures, Salford Angels WI and Garden Needs and throughout her chat with Guerrilla Podcasts (Adrian), her passion shone through more than ever and before you know it she was off doing what every other director in the country does on an evening!  Travel off into the countryside with a group of individuals, getting involved and encouraging others to do whatever, whenever etc.

Emma foraging for whatever in Kersal Dale Country Park in Salford.

Emma foraging for food in Kersal Dale, Salford

Please follow the links below should you be interested in finding out more about the organisations / groups that Emma mentioned in our chat:

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