Guerrilla Podcasts Broken Biscuits Thought Shower Walk

Guerrilla Podcasts Broken Biscuits Thought Shower Walk

This last week or so has most definitely been one of those weeks where everything and anything that can go pear shaped, most certainly has.  Thanks to a Guerrilla Podcasts broken biscuits thought shower walk with me girl a paradigm shift in me own thought process occurred!  What more can i say?  An enforced change in the way i do what i do for the now and another massive self learning curve for yours truly is underway.

Minutes before our thought shower walkAs and when the gadgets that i use fail or break down, i’ll try and discover another way to achieve whatever the objective of the day is?

Just another hurdle to get round is all that’ll allow me to achieve what i need to do, by sorting out an alternative way of doing whatever online.

Surely that can’t be a bad approach to my DIY online life?

Get SetLike many of you i started off using windows, primarily at the mill.  Then for no other reason than it sounded like a good idea at the time, i moved over to using a mac and used both a pc & mac at the same time.

You can guess what happens over time?

Guerrilla Podcasts Broken Biscuits Thought Shower Walk

The pc died, which then left me with the mac, not to bad so far and no worries, once i’d got me head round using it over time, off i went in me bubble teaching myself how to create the podcasts for Guerrilla Podcasts & Cyphreinc using a mac.

To cut a long story short, either the mac has died or the power lead has failed?  Either way i’ve been left wondering what to do and where to go next!

Was there a next?

That was the politest / biggest question i asked myself at the time!

Enough Said! Off she goes

I chatted to the wall and got the usual silence, as it normally takes a few hours to come back with a solution.  In the meantime i thought i’d take me girl out in the rain and go and have a Guerrilla Podcasts thought shower walk in the woods somewhere round Salford.

First chance she gets, Lou's in the water

Lou & mud just go togetherSo whilst i’m out and about, me girls getting muddier paddling away.  I thought i’d test out the phone that i had on me at the time to see if i could at least get a reasonable recording in true Guerrilla Podcasts style, using what i have, to do what i do!

You never know, it just may work and possibly kick off a new train of thought and provide a new avenue to keep on going in whatever direction this ‘ere blog / podcasts goes.

Lou paddling in the rain

Never Give Up ….
Do The Best You Can with What You’ve Got ….
Don’t Listen to the Doubters ….

Chattin’ broken biscuits to meself whilst out and about with Lou in the rain, works wonders in my head and for the now that’s a bonus.  A walk with me girl always seems to come up with some kind of a solution and she has a belter of a walk at the same time.  So it’s most definitely a win win Guerrilla Podcasts broken biscuits thought shower walk for the both of us :).

Somewhat wet through we may be, or should i say, wet and bedraggled after a long walk its back home for a well deserved brew and a dry down for Lou and now to see if i can sort out The Broken biscuits chat.Just a small twig to chew on

Yeah i know i said me Mac may have gone tits up but now its time to see if i can kick life back into an old pc.

Years ago i bought this PC with windows bundled with a load of other stuff and i couldn’t use it on another PC so that left me with the solution from our thought shower walk.

Eureka!  I thought whilst throwing a twig four or five times, i’ll use Ubuntu.

It’s in my price range, FREE and just maybe i’ll be able to keep doing what i do, once i get me head round whatever?  Lou decides which way to go

Little things like …

How to use it?
How to find whatever else i’ll need?
How to get upto speed for me diy online life?

Quite literally a suck it and see approach, flying by the seat of me pants in the hope that i can continue doing what i do for

No Stress & No Worries, make me mistakes and move on!  Who knows what’s round the corner?  Keep going and stop that there self doubt shite!

Lou finds more mud on our broken buiscuits thought shower walk


Nirvana – Come As You Are

Job done. Me girls worn out after our Guerrilla Podcasts broken biscuits thought shower walk.

End Result, Job done zzzzzzzzzzzzzzI’m off to sort out Ubuntu for the now!

Sorted & Cheers :)

~ Inabit ~
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