Growing Strawberries in Me Jeans

Growing Strawberries in Me Jeans

Growing Strawberries in Me Jeans sure sounded like a plan in me head a while back that we thought we’d make it so and have a go!  The strawberries cost us £2.99 and we already had a bag of compost for a fiver of which we used about a pounds worth.

So all in all minimum outlay for maximum Home Grown flavour!

Backyard Strawberry PlantersFollowing on from last years discovery that Me Strawberries ain’t Strawberries!

This year we thought we’d start again from scratch, knowing for a fact that we really have got strawberries in place and hopefully Home Grown fresh fruit for tha future?

Patience be tha key on future fruit and at the end of the day #growingwiththeflow is what we do and we’re more than happy to see what happens, just because!

Home Grown Strawberry Planter

This time round we’re growing strawberries in me jeans and we’re on a roll for tha now.

There be one home made strawberry planter on tha wall. Who knows what tha future holds?

New beginnings with me compatriot in crime for 2015 and quality control is a must as we do what we do in our backyard.

For sure we won’t forget that strawberries simply don’t have yellow flowers!

One or two of you already know Mikey was adopted from @manchdogs and is always on hand to provide that there vital quality control as we continue to make our 101+ gaffs along tha way as we do what we do?

Quality Control Closer Inspection
Quality Control Final Checks from Mikey

Growing Strawberries in Me Jeans

Now that tha quality control home grown strawberry planter inspections have been completed.  Seems like a good time to plant side by side our newly acquired Blueberry and Redcurrant plants for £1 a piece.

Blueberry and Redcurrant plants sortedBlueberry & Redcurrant plantedMikey’s watching on from a new vantage point so he can get a close up view of what’s happening.

Barking orders and destructions through tha window where we’re growing wrong?

“You know damn well that’s not how you dig holes”

Let me show you one more time how to dig holes properly!

Barking Orders
Let me show you how to dig holes
This is how you dig

Poor Old Dogs – A Love Often Forgotten

Setting Sun in SalfordJob Done under tha Setting Sun in Salford.

Work in progress for future growing unknowns in time?

Just maybe this year round will be munching on more than a few home grown strawberries and just maybe tha Blueberries & Redcurrants will survive Mikey’s digging skills over time?

No Stress & No Worries just #growingwiththaflow.

Home Grown in Salford

Seems like our new fruits have been planted and whatever’s sorted for the now with a massive helping hand from you know who?

Growing strawberries in me jeans on me wall in tha backyard is in progress. The bath in tha front has had a new addition with a section of a plastic pallet recycled to grow a few more strawberries.

At the end of the day Enough Said. mmmmmmmmm!

Just Chillin'

Just Chillin’ in tha Salford Sun

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