Growing Seeds In Me Fridge

Growing Seeds in Me Fridge

Thought we’d have a go at growing seeds in me fridge for the first time ever. Research suggests that it’s a tried and tested way of tricking the seeds into experiencing winter. What do we know?

Sounds like a plan does that.

Acer SeedsWorking on our tried & trusted technique?

Just because ….

You’ve never done something doesn’t mean it won’t work!

Chinese Dogwood SeedsStarting off as always, with our positive thought process and you guessed it, jumping in with both feet like we do.

We’ve gone and bought ourselves some zip-lock bags and new compost.

We’re sorta ready to have a go, at growing seeds in me fridge for the very first time.

Should that be, sowing seeds in a plastic sealable bag, to store in the fridge for the next few months or so?

Sow in me head we’re good to grow, #growingwiththeflow in principle anyways.Ready to sow

Accepting the fact that there’s no need for us to reinvent the wheel.

If those in the know, happen to say that doing stuff this way works!

That’s good enough for us.

Seeds Soaking

Growing Seeds in Me Fridge

So the principles for the now in me head are:

Stratifying Seeds

  1. Soak seeds in warm (not hot) water for 24 hours.
  2. The destructions suggest soaking Acer seeds for 24 hours & Chinese Dogwood for 48 hours.
  3. Damp / water your compost, then squeeze the compost to remove any excess water.
  4. Place damp compost in zip-lock bag.
  5. Place several seeds onto damp compost.
  6. Cover seeds with a little more compost.
  7. Place zip-lock bag containing the soil and seeds into the fridge.
  8. keep soil moist over time.
  9. Time scales vary, so we’re working on 3 months for the now.

So we’re getting our heads round doing something new for no other reason than!

Just Because we can and that blows me mind does that.

In our humble opinion our, #growingwiththeflow home grown food bank is coming along rather nicely in me head.

filling the bags
Don't forget the jelly babies
Chinese Dogwood bagged up

A link or two from the Growing Seeds in Me Fridge podcast:

Chinese Dogwood bagged up

Recording Equipment

Soaking Seeds

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