Give Your Head A Wobble

Give Your Head A Wobble

Give Your Head A Wobble, sorta seemed like the order of the day really.

Thought we’d drop down the plots / allotment and have a look see at tweakin our #growingwiththeflow planning thought process. Just Because…

We both know our ungrown #homegrownfoodbank is only a thing in me head. No Worries, No Stress and No Meither at all for me & me boys.

For sure, our whatever random greens, growing on our plots are still a ways off, sometime whenever in the distant future.

Our 2nd plot covered in white stuff

Give Your Head A Wobble

Sometime soon ish, the weather will be on our side and we’ll eventually get round to turning over the last bed of green manure on our 1st plot.

Our plots in February 2019

Patience is all we need and a given for sure in me head. Growing failures and success will happen over time and that always floats me boat does that.

Random snow covered fruit bush

Mistakes a Given in me head. At the end of the day, doin’ what we do, works for us. T’is what it is, nothing’s a real stress.

Canes to be sorted for our Legumes

Just maybe in time, we’ll be shakin our own plums, down on our allotment.

Victoria Plum tree planted last year

Tweaks & things a given in me head. A little more patience and hopefully we’ll be cherry pickin later in the year.

Cheery tree buds

Rose bush planted last year in the barked fruit section of our 2nd plot.

Red rose planted in 2018

Memo To Self : Random Memory Bump Links

Things crossed for our bluberries this year.

Blueberry bush on the fruit section of our 2nd plot

*** PS ***

Thought we’d add a tad more whatever info re calculating our imaginary measurements and seeds to sow for our six wigwams on the 1st bed of our 2nd plot.

The first and last canes are the centre of each wigwam. The middle two canes are the end and start of the first two imaginary wigwams.

Sorta makes sense in me head does that and they are ish 15 inches apart.

Imaginary spacings of our wigwams

Thought we’d have a look see at making life easier and calculate how many seeds we may need to sow for our wigwams depending on crop spacing.

New fields added to our diy spreadsheet

Now all we need to do, is add our imaginary crop spacing’s in inches to our diy spreadsheet and it auto calculates the centimeters for us.

Crop spacings in inches & auto calculate centimetres

Sorted in me head, now that we’ve entered our wigwam radius of 15 inches. We now have a rough ish idea of how many peas and beans we need to sow.

Calculated seeds required for sowin on or imaginary wigwams

Travel Safe

Six Imaginary Wigwams Sorted

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