Future Unknowns Growing Forward

Future Unknowns Growing Forward

Our future unknowns growing forward, down on our plot has recently doubled in the last few weeks.

We’ve been lucky enough, to be able to take on our second allotment space, right next door to our original plot.

Top of our 2nd PlotMassive amount of work ongoing at the moment and to be fair, we’ve decided that it’s probably best, not to even try and grow the green stuff for the now.

Obvious reasons for that in me head. Since the 2nd plot hasn’t really been worked for ish two years and so weeding & clearing is high on our imaginary expanding to-do list.Plot Bottom

So we’re decided to get carried away. Digging the whole thing over and as randomness grows. ¬†We’ve recorded ourselves, doin whatever for this cast, using the kindle, that we happened to have to hand at the moment in time.

Project Management in Action
Just Chilling
Surveying the lay of tha land

Guerrilla Podcasts Future Unknowns Growing Forward

Drinks required in tha Salford sun
Creating Chaos for tha now
Watching You Watching Me

Shite burning timeWhilst we’re getting ready to burn, all the old rotten wood we’ve dug up from around our 2nd newly acquired plot.

Me little compatriot in crime helps himself to a well deserved drink, as we empty and relocate the water butt sometime in the future.

Thirsty Work

Funeral pyre on tha growSafety first and that’s a given in me head, with me little friend. Took Mikey home and eventually set work on our funeral pyre.

Just because…

Thought we’d share, how our 1st plot is coming along for the now. Things will change over time for sure.

Work Ongoing On Our Original Plot

Now we’ve got two adjacent plots. There’ll always be work in progress, on our future unknowns growing forward for time #growingwiththeflow.

Say Hello To My Little Friend

Travel Safe


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