Full Moon In The Castle

Full Moon In The Castle

Another full moon in the castle and just maybe we both know that means unforeseen tweaks are a given with our ongoing future unknowns.

To be fair, in my head, it’s no real surprise that creative things always seem, to just happen at daft o’clock on a full moon.

For no other reason than. Just Because …

Tweaks A Given

Car Crash Karen’s dropped by out of the blue, with the full moon high in the Salford sky and she’s decided to do what creatives do at daft o’clock on a full moon.

Set to and create chaos in the early hours of the morning. As we both know, it always sounds like a plan does that.

Full Moon In The Castle

For sure, quality control is always a given from the boys during some stage of the proceedings

Quality Control

Eventually the boys we’re asked to leave and before we knew it, the floor was next on the things to do @ daft o’clock on a full moon.

Floor Painting

Before we knew it, Car Crash was motoring along at a rate of knots @ daft o’clock under that full moon in the castle.

Floor Painting Sorted

A few scoops later and we’re good to go for the now and would you believe that we even managed to keep the boys from walking over the floor whilst it dried over time.

Job Done

Enough Said

Watch This Space

Travel Safe


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