Full Moon February Objectives Sorted

Full Moon February Objectives Sorted

Full Moon February Objectives Sorted in me head, as we take our hangover for a walk down on the plot, before the sky starts to cry.

Casually as we like, with no fuss, no stress and no worries at all.

Seems like we’re on a roll with our things to do by any given full moon.

String Cleaned From Canes

Raking the 1st bed on the 2nd plot one more time.

1st Bed Raked Again

In me head, we’re all but ready, to do what we do with our 30 cleaned canes.

1st Bed Sorted For Our Cleaned Canes

Full Moon February Objectives Sorted

Back to school in me head, just for a minute usin’ Pythagoras’ theorem.

Calculating The Poly Tunnel Triangle

A²+B²=C² and we’re on a roll in me head for the now, squaring up our 8ft x 6ft tunnel on the plot. 64 + 36 = 100, C = 10 feet with our allotment eyes.

Calculating The Poly Tunnel Triangle

Recycled supports used to secure our poly tunnel.

Poly Tunnel Squared

Now that we’ve cleaned all the canes required for our imaginary wigwams.

Thought we’d make an actual #growingwiththeflow start on initially laying out the canes on the 1st bed of our 2nd plot.

Setting Up 1st Wigwam Spacing 30 Inches

Blink and before we knew it, we’re laying out the 6 wigwams on the 1st bed.

Spacing Our 6 Wigwams

Works for us does that, in our bubble of self down on the plot. Wigwam spacing’s sorted. 30 inch ish diameter with a 12 inch space between each.

Setting Up Our 6 Wigwams On The 1st Bed

That’s our 30 cleaned canes now in position to make our 6 wigwams.

6 Wigwams ish Sorted

Job done in me head, that’s our full moon February objectives sorted.

Wigwams Positioned On The 1st of Our 2nd Plot

The last of the green manure on our 1st plot has been turned over.

Last Of The Green Manure Turned Over

In my head, by the full moon in March we should have our 1st plot sorted.

Our 1st Plot Should Be Tweaked By Full Moon In March

Memo To Self : Random Memory Bump Links

Obligatory squirrel visit sorted, collecting bits and pieces for his nest.

Obligitary Squirrel Visit Sorted

Travel Safe

Tweaks Sorted By Full Moon In February


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