Full Moon April Objectives Sorted

Full Moon April Objectives Sorted

Seems like we’re ish on a roll in me head with our imaginary to-do list as our Full Moon April Objectives Sorted for the now.

Now’t special really. The tunnels up and ready for our tomatoes and 150 ish white onions (Ailsa Craig) have been planted on the 1st bed of our first plot.

A given that we add to our 1001+ mistakes along the way and that always floats me boat on our DIY learning curve #growingwiththeflow.

Wigwams On The Grow

At the end of the day we’re well happy to jump in with both feet and have a grow.

Patience required and a given as our direct sown peas start to appear alongside the transplanted home grown peas in our 4th wigwam.

Direct Sown Peas Appearing

Our home grown white onions sown on the 5th March 2019 in the castle are ish ready to be transplanted into the 1st bed of our first plot.

White Onions (Ailsa Craig) Ready For Transplanting

As time flies by, thought we’d see about sorting out the last few imaginary to-do list tasks by that full moon in April.

Getting ready to add the cover to our tunnel. Then we can get round to building random frames and transplanting our Tomatoes sometime ish by the full moon in May.

Cover Ready For The Tunnel On Our 1st Plot

Full Moon April Objectives Sorted

For Sure The Wind Picks Up As we Start Adding The Tunnel Cover

Casually as we always like. New Beginnings are on the way in me head. This may be the start of our 4th growing season down on the allotment / plots.

After the many changes made over the last three years, we’re treating this year as a fresh start. Learning as we grow, doin’ whatever it is we do.

All But Sorted With Our Tunnel Cover

Don’t stress the mistakes we’ve made for the now, learn from everything we’ve done and look forward to making new mistakes as we expand our DIY #homegrownfoodbank over the coming years.

Tunnel ish Sorted For the Now

Tarragon on the grow in our recycled belfast sink on our 2nd plot.

Tarragon Growing In The Sink

As our comfrey continues to grow, we’ll add the leaves to our water butts.

Comfrey Growing On Our 2nd Plot

Asparagus bed weeded and tweaked and ready to grow for another year.

Asparagus Grown From Seed

Getting ready to transplant our white onions on the 1st bed of our 1st plot.

Raking The 1st Bed Ready For Our Ailsa Craig White Onions

For no other reason than we’ve got leaves composting away over time.

Raking The 1st Bed Ready For Our White Onions

Sorta seemed like a plan to use the leaves as a mulch for our new onion bed.

Composted Leaves spread Over Our Onion Bed

Now we’re good to grow for the first time this year on our 1st plot.

White Onions Ready For Transplanting

We both know how it grows by now. Dig a Hole and Plant a Seed.

Dig A Hole and Plant A Seed

Job done, move on. First row of many onions sorted for the now.

1st Row Of Onions On The 1st Plot

Keep it simple stupid works for us whilst spacing our onion rows.

Hoe Used To Space Our Onion Rows

Blink and we’re on a roll transplanting our white onions on the 1st bed.

Rows Of Onions On the 1st Bed

Now that we’ve transplanted our white onions.

White Onions Transplanted

Thought we’d cover our onions over for a week or so. Just Because …

Covering Our White Onions

Leave well enough alone for a while. We ain’t in a race or a competition.

1st Bed of White Onions Covered On Our 1st Plot

Memo To Self : Random Memory Bump Links

Patience and time is all, then again. We both know that already.

Tweaks In Progress On The Plot

Travel Safe

Just Chillin After a Busy Day Down On The Plot


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