Fork It and Move On

Fork It and Move On

Fork It and Move On, sorta makes sense in my head does that with the remaining green manure down on our 1st plot.

Just a few more beds to turn over and we’re ish on a roll with our imaginary target to be sorted by the full moon in January

Now we both know, not everything goes tickety boo in my head at any given time. So we’ll just keep on #growingwiththeflow as always and see how our future ungrowns, do what they do, over time.

Green Manure to be cut on our 1st plot

Fork It and Move On

Eventually the weather’s on our side for the now to make a start cutting back our Green Manure on our 1st plot.

Cutting Back Green Manure

Two down and one more bed of green manure to cut back and we’ll be ish good to grow in my head.

Two beds of green manure cut back on our 1st plot

Didn’t really take us long to cut back the three beds of green manure. Not that we’re in a race or competition with anyone.

Three beds of green manure cut back on our 1st plot

Time for us to make a start turning in the green manure on the 2nd bed on our 1st plot.

Turning in the green manure on our 2nd bed of the 1st plot

Casually as we like. we stop diggin and watch our little friend do what he does and have some lunch.

Squirrel on the plot eating an apple

Curiosity takes over, as we stop diggin our bed for the now and continue watching the squirrel do what it does collecting bits & bobs for his / her nest.

Squirrel collecting leaves for a new nest

Off our little friend goes with his collection of whatever for his new nest.

Squirrel makes his way with his leaves & twigs

Job done for the now and our little friend is back down the tree from his nest, ready for another mission of collecting whatever (s)he wants for that new nest (drey).

Our friendly squirrel makes his way down the tree

Our little friend is back for more leaves and before we know it he’ll be off.

More leaves to be collected by our little friend

Back for more leaves is our little friend

Somewhere high in the sky out of harms way in this ‘ere tree, with a beltin view of the surrounding allotments, is our friendly squirrels nest.

More leaves to be collected by our little friend

Eventually we left out little friend in peace on a chilly early January afternoon to get on and do what he does as we set to and finish digging over the 2nd bed on our 1st plot.

2nd bed of green manure turned over

Still got two beds of green manure to turn over, but what’s the rush.

Been a chilled and a first time experience watching our little friend make a nest, which is something we don’t see every day.

Two beds of green manure left to turn over

Last thing to do on our imaginary whatever list in our heads for the day is to recycle more than a few sunflower seeds.

Sunflower seeds dried over winter in our shed

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