Dual Boot Bloke Tidying

Dual Boot Bloke Tidying

Dual Boot Bloke Tidying in progress in tha castle as we both unwrap a few new gadgets ready for future unknowns.

Thought we’d have a look see at improving and moving our diy self-learning curve onto another level?  One step forward with the obvious three or four backwards getting our heads round something new for no other reason that it sounds like a plan in me head.  Just Because …

Mikey taking stock of the boxesMikey taking stock of the boxesSeems like packaging central in the castle right now!

Though the kit really ain’t that big!

Little box, in a big box or is that big box, little box, blah dah de da?

Dual boot bloke tidying is underway #growingwiththeflow with boxes for fun ready for our journey into future unknowns?

Stock taking in progress by Mikey

Dual Boot Bloke Tidying.

You may know that Mikey & Me went wandering round peel park in Salford the other week, Today’s not planned it’s just a get lost day and his paw survived the exercise.  Took Mikey out the following day and would you believe he split his pad again!  Blood all over the place there was, so more R&R was the order of the week ’till now!

Mikey clock the garden at daft o'clockMikey mopping the hallwayThankfully we’re on a roll back out and about wherever.

Mikey’s been on R&R for time or should that be gardening leave?

Since Mikey’s been in solitary we’ve had several chats.

Working through our desired kit list out loud, you just may know what we mean?  Stuff we’d like and stuff we want too use that actually suits our budget.  We’ve decided to jump in with both feet and for sure all paws and have a look see at getting our heads round some new kit which may just work for us on our continuing self learning journey into the back of beyond.

Laurence Made Me Cry – Bellgrove

Mikey mopping the hallwayFor time we’ve been checking out the ins and outs and thinking should we or shouldn’t we?  Look to the future and continue to do what we do and actually take the plunge and get hold of the what we can afford kit?

Job Done and sorted we took the plunge and acquired what kit we believe will take us upwards and onwards on our self learning curve creating something new with a whole new positive vibe.

Well, maybe not that much, but hopefully you get me drift for the now?

We sourced a mixer from an auction and a mic and stand from the rainforest and who knows?  Just maybe it won’t take us to long to get our heads round sorting whatever in the future?  For sure time will tell on that one and as always there ain’t no rush on anything at all for the now.

This won't take longMikey ChillingTime to take it easy.

Now that tha dual boot bloke tidying is sorted.

Tha castle is as tidy has it can be whilst 10 is on its way to hardly being used.

Work in progress continues for time on our journey together, with new stuff in me head for our future unknowns.  Doing what we can with what we’ve got rather than what we can’t with what we haven’t.

Dual Boot Bloke Tidying

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