Do What We Do In Me Head

Do What We Do In Me Head

Tweaks a given as we Do What We Do In Me Head, with our unknown new beginnings, climbing up that imaginary sine curve of our 5th life.

For sure that may not make any kind of sense at all and that’s all tickety boo with me and the boys in the castle.

Move On.

Leave me be in peace

Do What We Do In Me Head

All but sorted ish and good to grow in tha backyard sometime whenever.

Castle yard fruit trees shifted ready for jet washing the floor

Collecting shite to be shifted, sometime sooner than later.

Shite ready for the bin

If all be good in me head, shite should be gone by next bin pick up, whenever that may be?

Won't be long now 'till we see tha back of whatever

Sofa destroyed and ready for the tip or maybe even burnt down on the plot.

No more sofa surfin in tha castle

Memo To Self : Random Links

Castle garden fruit trees in winter

Travel Safe

Laying out our random seeds on the conference table.

Started sortin out our new seeds on the conference table

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