DIY Tunnel Tomato Frames

DIY Tunnel Tomato Frames

Work in progress, sortin’ out our DIY Tunnel Tomato Frames on the plot.

Memo To Self: Get ya shite sorted before you go walkabout with the boys.

Eventually me and the boys were on a roll #growingwiththeflow doin’ what we do down on the plot, on a random sunny Sunday in Salford.

Chillin' Down On The Plot With The Boys

In me head, things seem tickety boo for the now on our 2nd plot.

Just the 2nd bed that’s empty for sweetcorn in the next few weeks or so.

Time Is All With The Green Tings On Our 2nd Plot

DIY Tunnel Tomato Frames

Seemed like a plan in me head, now that the last frost has gone. To plant Scarlet Emperor Beans in our 3rd wigwam on the 1st bed of our 2nd plot.

Scarlet Emperor Beans Ready To Be Planted

You know how we do what we do by now?

Dig a Hole and Plant a Seed Scarlet Emperor Beans Sorted

Dig a hole and plant a seed, job done, move on.

Dig a Hole and Plant a Seed Scarlet Emperor Beans Sorted

Beans sorted and on the grow in the first three wigwams on our 2nd plot.

Three Wigwams Of Beans Sorted

As we make our way up to the greenhouse, onions and beans are on the grow in a bodgit inc box recycled from time back.

Onions and Beans On The Grow Near The Greenhouse

We’ve eventually got round to sorting out our diy tunnel tomato frames.

Tomato Frames In The Poly-Tunnel

The thought process for building the frame works for us for the now and to be fair is a similar method we used last year, but more sturdy and tweaked.

Sturdy Construction Of Frames In The Tunnel

Now the weather is ish sorted this side of the coil. Thought we’d add some what we could afford compost @ any given time to the beds in our tunnel.

Adding Compost To The Tunnel Beds

Good to grow as soon as we like as the tunnel is well ready for our toms.

Adding Compost To The Tunnel Beds

Always good to see our friendly squirrel drop by for a look see @ whatever.

Our Friendly squirrel Drops By For A Look See

Job done for today. We both know it ain’t a race. Little by little, day by day and casually as we like, we’ll get somewhere, sometime whenever.

Our Plots On A Sunny Sunday In May 2019

Memo To Self : Random Memory Bump Links

If all grows well in me head, more green tings will appear in the next few months or so. No Worries & No Stress.

Flowers In Bloom On The Plot

Travel Safe

The Boys watchin Whatever Down On The Plot

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