DIY Therapy Home Improvements

DIY Therapy Home Improvements

DIY Therapy Home Improvements has been ongoing in me head for time. Patience, persistence and more than a few new daft o’clock wanderings out and about with Mikey have flown by since that blood moon set in motion a raft of new beginnings a month or so ago. Strange how the moon does what it does and how it effects or is that affects the way that we do what we do.

Maybe we’ve both seen that “it wasn’t me” look from time to time?  Suppose it’s a given, as paint seeps slowly over me floor.

Mikey's knocked the paint overIt Wasn't Me!For sure shite just happens, no stress and no worries.

‘Tis so not a problem for the now and to be honest, we we’re looking for new ideas for future projects.

Seems like me little friend may just have stumbled upon a brand new project for the two of us to get our heads round whenever, by having a go at white washing me floor.  Don’t ya just love a helping hand!

Chaos Ongoing

Guerrilla Podcasts DIY Therapy Home Improvements.

One or two random photo’s as me & me little friend jump in at the deep end.

You know you missed a spot Mikey loads the paint on the roller Mikey secures the ladder

The Slow Readers Club – I Saw A Ghost

Mikey the destroyer of things collapses Mikey people watching after a long day

Mikey loves getting involved in everythingTweaking me castle and painting over the cracks and demons in me head, sorta sounds like a belter of a plan for Mikey & me moving forward!

Our very own brand new (ish) independent, creative environment for future unknowns. Damn right that sure floats me boat.

Turning our castle into the white house for the now, with an inkling of a new thought process!  A clutter free space, to create a whole heap of brand new memories, random ramblings and who knows, maybe more than a few new podcasts to follow.  Just Because …

Paint spilt! Enough SaidFor the now we’ll let the future look after itself whilst #growingwiththeflow.

For sure Mikey’s settled in well this year and is more than comfortable with the freedom to be creative at any given opportunity.

Out of the chaos created, a new acorn is sown.  Sort out the floor downstairs over time and to be honest, change is a good thing in our book.

Hopefully by the end of November or middle of December, this old house will be sorted in me head?

Though to be honest, at the end of the day, we both know that we don’t do time and who knows, hopefully there’ll always be something new in progress for our future unknowns?

Time for Mikey and me to casually take a couple of steps up our self learning curve with a new positive vibe.  Maybe even develop an alternative skillset, as we look forward to teaching ourselves something different. Learning a few new tips and tricks along the way and possibly getting our heads round improving, developing and tweaking, what we think we already know?

Desire,  Determination,  Personal Motivation &  Self Improvement are the driving goals, always work in progress.

DIY Therapy Home Improvements

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Desire, Determination, Personal Motivation & Self Improvement