Digging Holes On Me Plot

Digging Holes On Me Plot

Seems like we’ve been digging holes on me plot for time. To be honest we have and most likely for the next few weeks to come and that’s right in me head for the now, as we’re still relatively new here.

Mikey & Me doin’ what we do #growingwiththeflow with our very own home grown food bank on the allotment.

Work in progressOur ongoing quest, for fresh vegetables picked straight from tha plot.

Sure sounds like a plan in me head does that!

At the end of the day, all we really need is a little patience and perseverance?

Original bedding boxWe jumped in with both feet a few months ago on our quest for Self Sufficiency in Salford.

Daft o’clock early morning wanderings, out and about with Mikey and eventually we’ll make our way to the plot.

That’s A Given for sure.

Moving soilWe’ve been digging our hole, or should that be a pit for time.

Tweaking things around, for no other reason than, we can.

Tidied up and shifted shite that’s been hanging around for time.

Thinking, just maybe we could have a go at making use of a space, that was cluttered with whatever.

Recycling an old frame
Tidying up in progress
Old frames relocated

Digging Holes On Me Plot

Planting Toms
Peas growing
Watering leeks

Mishaps a plenty along the way, digging holes on me plot, sowing seeds and generally just chillin’, as we both get our heads round whatever, together, in all kinds of weather.

Keeping warmAt the end of the day, our home grown food bank is on the grow.

Apple trees on the plot

Soaking up the Salford sun

Travel Safe


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