Dig A Hole Plant The Seed

Dig A Hole Plant The Seed

Dig A Hole Plant The Seed, Enough Said!

Mikey reminded me time back, the best way for us to move forward with anything we try to achieve on the allotment is to Keep it Simple Stupid.

Mikey keeps on eye on what's what on the Plot

Digging over bedding box 5 on the plotSo KISS is going to be our mantra for the next few months or so, as we casually get our heads round our first three months on our plot in Salford.

Just ’cause you’ve never done something doesn’t mean you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

Digging over the Plot

So it’s been a patience is key kinda thing, for the last month or so. Dig over the soil, get rid of the weeds on any given day.

Wait a few days, let mother nature do what she does and repeat a few days later. Just Because …

Sorting the post for the apple trees
Holes dug and apple post shifted
Tidy up in progress round apple post

Dig A Hole Plant The Seed

Mikey tracks our work in progress on
Shifting Stones
Shifting Even More Stones

Sowing the seeds in a bedding boxDig a hole plant the seed, in time we’ll get round to feeding the soil, but for the now, not to worry.

It’s early days on our plot and we’ve deliberately spaced a few of our seeds fairly close to one another as a test.

Quality Control in Action from me Compatriot in Crime

Testing new skills outside our castle

A link or two from Dig A Hole Plant The Seed podcast:

Seeds sown so far on our plot
(links below show growing guides / info provided from where purchased)

Potatoes chitting on me windowsill

Flowers / Herbs sown on our plot

Veg Planting Guide April 2016

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