Daft o’clock On Me Plot

Daft o'clock On Me Plot

To be honest, daft o’clock on me plot wasn’t exactly on our imaginary things to-do list last year. Strange how life turns out, following a random conversation about our home grown in me castle.

Just because we don’t know what we’re doing, wont stop us from having a grow, with the best of intentions of expanding our home grown food bank for me & me little friend on our plot acquired earlier this year.

Work in progress Tweaking our plot for the now, whilst everything seems to be coming along nicely in me head.

Chaos rules at times, that’s a given, enough said!

Well pleased me little friend is always on hand, providing the necessary supervision and quality control required, whilst we’re growing with the flow, learning as we grow #growingwiththeflow.

Tipping over the first binDigging holes on me plot, moving stuff around and who knows?

Maybe we’ll get there sometime whenever, not to worry for the now.

We’re so not in a competition, that’s never been in our minds at all.

Ongoing work in progress is fine in my book. We’re on a roll changing the look of our allotment.

Quality Control in action Mikey & Me, casually getting our heads round what we’re trying to achieve?

Our ongoing quest for free, fresh fruit & vegetables.

Picked from our home grown food bank on the plot, straight to the plate.

If all we’ve got is time, everything is achievable.

First compost bin
Contents of our first compost bin
Compost raking in progress

Daft o’clock On Me Plot

Moving our second compost bin
Our second bin sorted
A quick look see

Recycled & reused framesFor sure we’ll make our mistakes along the way.

That’s a good thing is it not?

Eventually, we’ll get our heads round whatever.

No Stress & No Worries

Home grown tomatoes

Our original thought process, of free food from our castle food bank has expanded a little.

Hopefully we’ll grow more of whatever, over time.

For the now, me & me little friend are changing the layout of part of our plot so we can add our small poly tunnel as a test for the next few years.

Sieving soilWe’ve been digging our hole, or should that be a pit for time.

Tweak things around, for no other reason than, we can.

Tidied up and shifted shite that’s been hanging.

Thinking, just maybe we could have a go at making use of a space, that was cluttered with whatever.

Mishaps a plenty along the way, digging holes on me plot, sowing seeds and generally just chillin’, as we both get our heads round whatever, together, in all kinds of weather.

Supervision in ProgressSupervision and on going quality control is a given from me little friend.

Quality Control in Action

Thirsty Work

Travel Safe


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