Daft O’clock In The Morning

Daft O'Clock In The Morning

Daft O’clock In The Morning creating chaos in the backyard with the boys.

Apple was juice flowin’ quite nicely as we do what we do, with no real plan of attack at all.

At the end of the day, me and the boys are ish emptying the backyard at daft o’clock in the morning.

Change Is On The Grow

Daft O’clock In The Morning

Quality control a given with the boys and that floats me boat does that.

Tweaks In Progress

Time to empty the backyard and start from scratch.

If all goes tickety boo in me head over the next few months / year or so, we’ll have a new space to grow whatever, ish sorted down on the plot.

Recycled Wood To Be Moved

No worries and No Stress at daft O’clock in the morning. Zeds R Us.

Zeds R US

Thinkin’ we’re on a roll emptying the backyard for random new beginnings sometime whenever. T’is what it is for the now.

Ish On A Roll For The Now

Memo To Self : Random Links

Chillin' With The Choons In The Backyard

Travel Safe

A Quick Look See Out Front


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