Contemplating The Meaning of Change Part 3

Contemplating The Meaning of Change Part 3

It sorta seemed wrong not to complete our trilogy of podcasts in me head, so as that sounds like a plan does that.  Here we go with Guerrilla Podcasts Contemplating The Meaning of Change Part 3.

The usual suspects this time #growingwiththeflow in tha backyard listening to TMS just because…

Spuds growing in a bag in me backyard
Quality control in action
White flowers on me strawberries

Me Broad Beans just growing with the flowFor sure it’d be daft to miss out on this massive obvious opportunity to add a couple of back links to our two earlier casts.

So what more can we say for our  final instalment!

Contemplating the meaning of change part 3

Following on from contemplating the meaning of change part 1 & contemplating the meaning of change part 2

Suppose those links were to be expected, as we casually move forward one small step at a time over the next few weeks and months sorting out a few new whatever’s for our www’s.

The counters & doubters ‘ll tell you that you shouldn’t do this, that or t’other and that nobody will listen to whatever your doing. Don’t believe a word.  Be Yourself & Do What You Do.  Whatever That May Be?  : Never Give Up Full Stop!

Watching Me Watching You
Damn right we can open this, No Worries
Say what listenin' to TMS

Guerrilla Podcasts Contemplating The Meaning of Change Part 3

Let’s not mention the negatives that tha demons on our shoulders are shouting out loud and proud in our heads.

Just because you don’t have the expensive, over priced equipment to create whatever, doesn’t mean you can’t get stuck in and have a go for yourself.  Not having this that or t’other, has never stopped us from having a go with whatever we may have available at any given time?

Just means a new diy self-learning curve is required to do what we do making our 101+ mistakes, creating whatever new for and beyond using komodo editbootstrap and many more future unknowns.

Home Grown Asparagus

For sure we don’t have to worry ’bout anything as me and me friend don’t need permission to do what we do.

We do whatever, because we want to, rather than searching for any baubles or bundles of whatever, just #growingwiththeflow on our self-learning everything that takes our fancy at any given time?

With no set plan or agenda in mind, just an acorn of an idea and away we go.  Scripted not, with no idea where we’ll be this time next week, never mind next month.  With no worries or regrets on what we’ve produced, enjoying learning & creating something new, every time we do whatever it is we do?

Work in slow motion with me kale
Home Grown onions in me backyard
Lavender's green dilly dilly

Remember anything is possible and nothing is off limits if you just have a go.  Don’t put barriers in your own way.  We both know there’s enough people out there ready and willing to do that for you.

Transplanting me Squash
Home Grown Brussels Sprouts in a row
Red Currants doin' what they do?

Still early days for me Pak Choi

More Pak Choi mmmmm

Covered me King Edwards in me backyard containers
Radish Central
Me herbs seemed to have survived an haircut

Dip your toes into whatever it is you do?  Make thy 101+ mistakes for thyself and enjoy.

Sorted & Cheers for Doing What You Do : Never Give Up

Travel Safe

~ Inabit ~
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